Saturday, February 16, 2008

Okinawa From Above

So for Valentine's day, Craig told me he made plans for us and to be ready on Friday at 12:30. Wear a jacket. Ok - that last part there squelched any ideas I'd had about a spa day. Hm.

Well it was almost as cool as a spa day. A 45 minute flight over Okinawa in a Cessna! It was amazing. And since we were allowed to take the kid, we grabbed her from school and went for it! Here are a few.

Looking toward the back seat at my sweeties (Valentines!) Ok - now see the head-sets? Well this was Mia's first experience with a head-set and it basically induced verbal diarrhea. Hearing herself on that thing was the best thing EVER so all we heard was running dialog; "Daddy. Daddy? Mommy. This is the BEST airplane trip ever. Mommy. Mommy. Mama. I love this airplane. Daddy. I think I see a dolphin. And it is going to eat the little people. A dolphin, Daddy. Daddy? This is the best airplane trip. Ever. Daddy. Daddy? Mama... I love you. Look there's the bridge we went on. Remember Mama? Daddy? The bridge - look there, the bridge we went on. Daddy. Daddy?" And on and on ad nauseum.:

Here's the view after we took off as we headed toward the sea wall. You can see our home in this picture!

Shuri Castle from above.

A cool island east of Okinawa:

Let me bust in here to say - not to toot my own horn - or really, my camera equipment's horn, (TOOT - sorry, beans for lunch) but these pictures were taken from a 1967 or so Cessna window which had probably not been replaced ever. There were reflections, but the quality is not so bad, huh?

Good heavens, the SUN came out while we were up there! For the first time in WEEKS - seriously - I'm starting to get SAD.

Very cool bridge to Ikei Island - from above. I have no idea why there seems to be a narrow ravine-like area going under there, but it's super cool and made me want to go diving again. The whole trip made me want to go diving again in Okinawa's incredibly clear sapphire waters.
I put some gems on my flickr site (including one that has para-surfers in it from above!), the whole batch can be found here. Today was still pretty grey - I might put up a shot or two from our lame trip to Nago - but more likely I'll have some cool shots after a trip south to Kokusai & Shuri Castle tomorrow if the clouds can leave us alone already. JEEZ.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Great Campaign

For all of our daughters - at least.

Thanks for sending these, Pam.

Great Shipping News

Yeah yeah - I know you were all frustrated in the states that your precious Blackberries didn't work. Well, boo hoo. As close as I get to that is an occasional text message. But I do have fiberoptic cable connection for my Internet and THAT is blazin' - though I do have to be sitting at my computer.

Anyway, read some great news today thanks to an email from a friend. You can ship to APO/FPO addresses Priority mail in a flat rate box for cheaper! It's about time - and thank you, USPS.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ate sushi last night at a local favorite of the American crowd; because Yoshi (the sushi chef) is basically American. He makes the specialty rolls like we do in the US - interesting combos like California rolls, dragon rolls, etc. The menu is very large, and includes all kinds of things - raw and cooked. (Shark teriyaki, blowfish sushi, etc.) Yoshi also puts pictures all over the restaurant walls of celebrities he's met, golfed with, made sushi for, etc. He's quite the local celeb. Here's a picture of the shot that was hanging right next to our table:
As you can see, it's almost 16 years old - pretty neat, huh?

Here is my "KASABURANKA COMBO". Read that. Slowly. Out loud. Yes - it was named after the Japanese translation of the American movie. Delish. Great fish and speedy delivery.

Craig's teriyaki combo - complete with tempura, miso soup (in the round container in the middle), dipping sauce, chicken & beef, and rice.

Mia's Kid's Combo Plate served in an airplane dish. Hello carbs and protein! Good to know what they think of our children's healthy eating habits. Hot dog, hamburger, tempura shrimp, fries, potato/corn croquette and fried rice. Nary a veggie in sight. But Mia gobbled up that shrimp tempura! That's my girl... you be that date that orders surf & turf! She's gotten quite adventurous, she even had lasagna the other day!

I didn't take a picture of it, but I also ate a fantastic mahi mahi collar in teriyaki sauce. It was one of the best dishes I'd ever had - amazing. Ate it too quick to take a picture.

Service was great, and we even met a couple of other families in the small room where we were seated. One had just moved into our neighborhood and I recommended that she visit Okinawa Hai! Good times - small island - life is good.

Tonight - we dine at Arin Krin - the garlic restaurant! There are dancing heads of garlic painted on the outside..haha! I know, Mom (poor soul - she's allergic to garlic!) - not where you'll eat. But Mia is a big fan of garlic it seems, and I'm here to foster that in case I suddenly can't eat it anymore one day.