Saturday, August 4, 2007

She loves to swim

Here's a video from Mia's swim class last Thursday - the kid is a born swimmer, she loves it. She's improving too.

Whale Sharks! Blog!

My dive buddy from class went diving with whale sharks today (largest fish on the planet - about 7m long). I'm going to see if I can put a link to his pictures here:

If that doesn't work for you, whoever you are, email me so I can pull it. I'll be doing this soon despite the $115 pricetag - gotta save up for that experience before I go!

I also found an incredible local blog -
HOLY COW wealth of information! Categorized beautifully with pictures, directions to places - wow, I am more than happy I found this only 6 weeks in!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Off Subject

Ok, this isn't normally what I'd use a blog post for, but this video is really cool. Hang in there, I know it's 8 minutes long, but it's fascinating. Ryan, I think the guy that shot this sounds like you a little bit.

Things are pretty much status quo - Mia's in swim class every day for a few weeks, Craig is at a seminar this week with a bunch of guys (at at least one woman) of his rank. We have been enjoying local food, meeting some more neighbors & stuff, and I just bought tickets to "Okinapa" - VERY excited for that! ( I hear from everyone that has been here for past Okinapa wine festivals that it kicks butt!) It's $25 a head (adult thing) for wine tasting, amazing food, and they sell the wine you taste also, and give you a 10% discount on mixed cases. One of the tickets I bought is for a friend from my dive class who even offered to be the DD. YESSSS!

This weekend Craig will probably play golf at some point. Saturday morning I have to take Mia to the family practice building (doctor) to get a form filled out that says she has all the immunizations & such she needs to attend school. Hopefully she won't need any shots, but I've prepared her for the possibility.

Otherwise, things are great! Some pictures soon - a weekend is coming and I plan on getting out to do something fun - Obon & Eisa festivals are this month - that means lots of dancing, drumming and musical performances - I'm bringing the SLR for that stuff!

Monday, July 30, 2007

I Predict I Will Become A Dive Bum

This weekend I did my first 4 dives - 2 on Saturday at the Kadena Steps, and 2 on Sunday off a boat in Ginowan. (I recommend a boat over walking out on coral, I have a big target bruise on my calf to prove why...)

Loved it. It's peaceful and fun down there, I was comfortable in the warm water with a very good instructor and a cool dive buddy in my class. The visibility was pretty crappy - mostly still due to the after-effects of the typhoon. (max was the very first dive, 25-30 foot vis)

But, we saw a variety of fun creatures. I don't have a waterproof case for my camera (yet...) so deal with the fact that I had to put pictures from the web in here to show you what I saw.

Yesterday off the boat in Ginowan, we saw 2 of these of the most poisonous snakes that exists anywhere. I'm glad he was about 10-15 feet away from us!

Yep - "Gill" was everywhere. These are super cool, we saw families of them swimming around & eating coral.

Lots of puffer fish. Some are pretty large too - but they only puff out if you yank their tail, so we didn't do that.

THIS was a gorgeous fish. One of the prettiest we saw.

Yep - the first day I found Nemo - in an anemone. Very cool.
Lots of these - I called them referee fish.

These nearly glowed in the dark down there.
But THIS blue one took the cake. WOW was this sucker bright. In turquoise waters, this guy seemed to have a light bulb inside of him. Amazing.

Lots of these butterfly fish - really pretty.

And tons of sea urchins, anemones, pretty coral - and one poking out head of a moray eel - orange guy. Very cool. I'm excited to get some more diving done here, I'm glad I got certified early. I hope Craig can drop the golf thing for long enough to get certified & come with me. Unfortunately Mia will still be too young for a while.

Other news? Not much - I was gone from the early morning until after 3 both days, so I just came home and relaxed. It's still hot. We're happy to have our stuff. And after a brief time of sleeping on the mattress on her floor (due to the movers losing the 8 bolts that hold her bed together), Mia should be on a bed tonight in a put-together room. My parents were kind enough to go to Ikea and find the bolts to Mia's discontinued bed and mail them out to us. THANK YOU!

Gotta go, she'll be up soon and then we need to start our day.