Friday, May 2, 2008

A Different Sort Of Birthday Gift

It happened. Well... it didn't just happen, but I helped it finish happening.
My little baby lost her first tooth! (On what happens to be my twenty-seventeenth birthday.)

She woke up, she said her tooth "hurt", and so I looked. That sucker was BARELY hangin' on by a thread. She was scared. She ate her cereal, and then I washed my hands, grabbed a piece of dental floss to help - and when that didn't work I just took my thumb and index finger (at a moment when her mouth was open and both hands weren't clapped on there tightly) and *snap* it was done!

The look on her face at the moment it happened was priceless. Like "Oh my gosh, WHAT?!?" A bit tearful from the worry about pain, and then just pure excitement, joy, and lots of tongue movement into the lower front quadrant of her mouth.

So it begins. I told her I thought the tooth fairy was Japanese here... there might be yen. She's ok with that.

Off to change my oil. I know, exciting right? More fun things and definitely some treats later.

**updated to add: HI, Heather! Nice to meet you. I think the tooth fairy is paying out about 300¥ per tooth these days. (Craig thought $5 per tooth and I almost fainted! DANG, that girl is gonna make $100 on her teeth?! That should go to the orthodontics fund.)**

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Isaac & Rachel Sitting In A Tree

Like I said - STILL working on Ohio pictures (I took a LOT - and there are a lot of family members, and a lot of GOOD ones!). Allow me to share.

This is Isaac (one of Craig's first cousins) and Rachel, his lovely wife. (Doesn't she TOTALLY have a Kiera Knightley thing going on? She totally does.) They're so sweet, and they have never had any portraits or anything done - and Rachel requested I take a few photos and I happily obliged. This little pose? This was Rachel's doing. I love the look on her face when Isaac is kissing her cheek! That's why they call it "cheeky".

And THIS is Violet. Their daughter. Who was almost exactly one year old in this picture. With her eight teeth. What a smile, huh?
More of those - with aunts & uncles & such - SOON. I PROMISE, Rachel & Carol and everyone. Almost done.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Night Randomness

So glad we have TiVo. We're having a Kentucky Derby Sunday Brunch Party with Mint Juleps! Derby starts at 5am, but I can fix that! AND fast forward commercials. Yay!

Ok, Ernie - what is this drink? It's soda - I realize - but why the marble in the pinched top? (That thing that's covered in bubbles at the lower part of the neck of the bottle.) Fascinating packaging.
Sign from outside Magnolia, Ohio. Just found it in photos I forgot to post.

Sea wall jacks. I know some of you are familiar with this particular warning....

STILL editing photos, mostly for personal friends. A recent baby shower (I'll post a couple for you here - but hopefully with BABY pictures too! Very exciting stuff.), a birthday party (Sena of the Jew porn - her daughter - so you KNOW there was some kinda amazing cake!) and still Ohio pictures. Yes. Still.

Hope this will tide you over for a few. Still having fun taking and editing pictures, and planning for future picture taking! And other things.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Done Been TAGGED!

You know, I've read about this in photography blogs - but never did I imagine, even in this tiny little universe that someone would tag me! I'm so flattered... blush.

Elizabeth Pellette tagged me. She's amazing, and she found me through another blog I read (someone who's already been tagged, I'm sure). The rules. Ahem.

1. Link the person who tagged you. (check)
2. Mention the rules in your blog. (check)
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. (6? That's it? I suppose I'll narrow it down.)
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them. (will do)
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers' blogs letting them know they've been tagged. (will do too.)

1. I'm awful about reading directions. I'm kind of a guy that way - I'd much rather figure things out myself. And then I get annoyed when I can't and I have to take the time to read the stupid directions.
2. I am a food pack rat. I love cooking, and I do cook what I buy - but often my eyes are bigger than our 3 stomachs (hubby, daughter & myself) and I end up with stuff that I would love to eat but there just aren't enough meals in the day. 
3. I'd happily leave the house with a cap on my unshowered head, but I'd never leave without a stitch of makeup on. Even just a little mascara and something for the circles under my eyes. And maybe a bit of blush.... 
4. I'm a bit of a video game junkie. I have a DS, a PS3, a PSP, and a Wii. Hubby bought them, but I admit. I definitely play more than he & Mia put together.
5. I used to read a lot - now I really don't anymore. I am an ADD kind of reader - magazines, websites, blogs, newspapers - not so much novels anymore, and that makes me sad. It's really not because I don't find it interesting or fun - my eyes start closing too soon and it takes me too long to finish a book.
6. I hate mayonnaise. Anyone who knows me, knows this about me. I'm phobic. Really. Can't smell it, can't touch it, and if it comes on my sandwich despite the fact that I ordered it without, I will either send it back or not eat it. **shudder, gag**

Gosh, six other bloggers. HERE WE GO:

Ayelet, at Ayelet Like It Is (HA! I will force you to post!)
and Pamela, at her UKreal blog

Sorry if you've been tagged before. Deal with it.

Photos coming OH so soon!