Saturday, July 5, 2008


(This post has been ready for 3 days - but I wanted Craig to approve it so that OPSEC wouldn't get mad at me. Well, he approved.)

We had a great time at the Kadena Air Base AmericaFest! A few from the day (with my point & shoot, so don't go getting all critical. I left the good camera at home. Yes, I was twitching and drooling and heavily made fun of by Kassia and Katherine, fellow photogs I saw there who had their SLRs. But admittedly it felt good to leave it behind and not add another layer of sweat to the camera strap.

The festival was on the flight line, so we drove down the runway to get there. Maybe I'm a big dork, but I thought that was rather cool.
Oh yeah, baby. The Marines were there. (Just look for the old banged-up, I mean - WELL-USED planes and helicopters, and those are Marine planes & helicopters!)

Cool cover for one of the engines.

My golden kid & hubby sitting in the back end of a C-130

Big propeller.

Mia with her best Red Baron face:

One of the Japanese fighter planes:
Mia & I chillin' in the rescue helicopter. Note the killer sky - the colors were beautiful!
Again...hello, sky!

How 'bout those Marines?

Last one - still trying out the seats in the planes - not that exciting. At least not compared to carnival games and fireworks.

Fireworks were good but not fabulous. But we had a great time with lots of friends. Happy 4th to everyone in the states! We're off to the Torii Beach Jazz & Wine Festival tonight; I can't believe when we were there last year we were SO new here!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Now Don't Go Ignoring This Blog...

...but if you want to see something new, check this out. Stay tuned - can't wait to see what you think!

FYI - before anyone who reads this gets any ideas - I'm launching in September!

Monday, June 30, 2008

I Slack... Therefore I Post.

Catch-up day folks! I haven't posted personal photos in a while, so bear with me there are a lot here. (Maybe that makes you happy - I'm sure it will for most of you.)

Mia loves swimming. Here she is preparing to dive into the 12-foot-deep water with her classmates. I like this shot. Even the teacher's hand coming up from the deep like she's begging their uninterested souls to pull her out.

Mia going for it. Every other kid was at the least hesitant (at the most petrified) to go head-first into the deep water in this fashion. Mia? Before they got to "three" she was halfway in. She asks to head to the deep end from the start of class.

I know, her life is so terrible. Look at that grin.

Random shot - it was SUPER dark in this little store... (ISO 6400 here for you photogs), but when Mia put on this hat it was cute and as Craig pulled the camera up to capture her she did this. Hm. Mia Ham. As if there wasn't enough pork on this island. Nice jazz hands.

The summer has arrived here and it is oppressively hot and humid. The upside is that my delicious colorful light and gorgeous clouds have returned from their winter slumber. WOW the sunsets have been incredible! This is from a couple of weeks ago; we were walking on the coral during LOW tide in the early evening. I was happy to bring my wide-angle lens along and somehow this gem showed up. Sadly, most of the other photos aren't as cool as this one; might have to do with the subject in the foreground, at least for me.

June means the beginning of PCS season here in Okinawa. (Permanent Change of Station - aka, everyone's moving.) We're busy with lots of stuff, but saying goodbye to some amazing friends is also part of the deal here, and it sucks. We just lost about 4 of our neighbors on this street, and last week the Turners moved to Hawaii. (You might remember them from the Christmas Eve dinner small world story.) Before they left, we got to grab lunch with them at Gordie's (yum yum burger joint near our house) and play at the park for a bit.

While we waited for food, Natalie, Mia & Cole were getting all "Huck Finn" with a palate. I came over to capture it and said, "Keep doing what you're doing, be super serious and concentrate." This is what I got... and I love it.

Then you know they had to break up laughing, especially Mia...

Ella, the 3-year-old of the bunch has the most attitude & character of all it seems.

Mr. Craig has a bit of a crush on her, and she might have one on him too. Look at this gorgeous face! She's so smart, and with a big brother and sister, she's speaking well beyond her 3 years.There was some swashbuckling.

And then I introduced Kanoe & John to Ramune. A wonderful refreshing soda that has an interesting twist. A marble at the top. It's what that thing is known for... well, we were bound & determined to send them home with a Ramune marble souvenir. Two hours later, with much frustration and a dull pocket knife, this was the result:
SIGH... sad. But I think they can find this stuff on Hawaii maybe.

Here's a rare appearance by ME on the blog (thanks, Craig, for snapping a photo) - with beautiful Kanoe - who is a native of Hawaii, so she's going home. I miss you already, Kanoe!!
And here's the whole lot of 'em at the end of the day. That kid under Craig's arm? Yeah. We don't know who she is, I think she just wanted to get in on all the happy lovin' going on.

We'll MISS you, Turner fam!
We are so visiting you in Hawaii... you & Edith aren't far from each other, we have TWO fabulous reasons to check out Oahu. Well... that and some amazing beaches, crazy umbrella cocktails, and the fact that I've never been there before.

I've missed you, blog & blog audience! Sorry for the slacking, I promise to be better.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Calling Local Photogs

We have 2 extra lens hoods that we don't need, both are for Canon lenses. One is for a 10-22mm (awesome wide-angle) and one is for the 24-70mm f2.8 L (Canon accidentally sent us 2).

If you're interested in buying them on the cheap, comment here please.

**edited to add: The lenses aren't for sale, these are extra hoods I don't need! Sorry about that...**