Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Highlight This Week

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aubrey! We're going to miss you, Leighanne, Reid & Aubrey - pleeeeease don't goooooo!!!

I made a cake. I'm proud. And Aubrey LIKED it - she really did :) (and so did Mia and Craig and Leighanne....) Yum. And thanks to Sena for the recipe too. And Leighanne, don't worry - Reid won't miss many if any more birthdays - and this will barely be a memory.

Happy happy joy joy.


I wasn't going to blog about this but I figure I could maybe get some advice or helpful commiseration from readers, so chime in if you like. Mia had been scratching her head for a few days, and on Tuesday morning I found out why. She had lice. Ok. EW.

All I know about lice I learned from Linda Evangelista in elementary school. She had lice and she had hair down to her butt. After a while, she showed up with a chin-length bob. I now know why.

Thankfully, Mia didn't have a really horrendous case, however when I told her teacher about it via email on Tuesday morning when I decided she wasn't going to school, the nurse came to check the students. 2 other kids were sent home, and the teacher had it too. Then it was discovered in 3 or 4 other kindergarten classes, and a couple of other grades too. And then my friend told me she got a note home from her son's off-base preschool about it.

Long and grueling story as short as possible; got a rinse with the stuff in it that kills these buggers from the hospital pharmacy, did it, combed like mad, and nearly vomited several times. I bagged all of her stuffed animals in sealed bags not to be opened for two weeks. I threw away her pillow and washed ALL the clothing, towels, sheets, jackets, etc. in scalding hot water and dried for 50 minutes in the hot dryer.

The next day she went to school, the nurse checked her before she returned to class (good thing) and her teacher told me she had some nits (eggs) left. Nits are stuck to the strands of hair about 1/4" from the scalp. They're TEENY (1/2 of the head of a pin) and whitish/clear - read as "hard to see". The piece of crap plastic comb I got with the rinse does NOT remove the nits. My fingernails do. Still finding live bugs. ACK. Now I'm being told that this is a problem at the school (lots of kids have it) and I keep Mia home because the mamasans (Japanese women who clean the rooms at the school) aren't cleaning sufficiently and properly to eliminate a lice problem. I'll tell you right now - I'm NOT going through this again. My kid will sooner wear a swimming cap for the rest of the winter until this is over than I pick another nit.

Thursday; did the rinse again, still finding live bugs. Friday morning SERIOUSLY attacked her head. Have I mentioned how THRILLED I am that we cut her hair? That makes my job easier - but I kinda wish she were a boy because if this wasn't getting better I could consider shaving her head.

Today was a good day. She woke up and after breakfast I only found 3-5 eggs. Not bad. No live bugs. Exhaling - as there's a metal comb worth a crap on the way from my mother (THANK YOU) and a doctor friend who offered to get me a stronger shampoo to kill the bugs if they don't go away. Now I just have to get over the fear of sending her back to school because I don't feel that all the cleaning people and other parents are NEARLY as anal as I was about eradicating this! Also big thanks go out to Kaho - wonderful friend who speaks Japanese and helped me try to find a stronger shampoo & better comb at the pharmacy out in town. Everyone has been great, I'm so lucky.

So... it seems to be better on Mia's head now, thankfully, but the story is slightly to be continued.

In other news, because I was trapped inside dealing with this all week, I wanted to get OUT today (Saturday) and go to the Okinawa Prefecture Museum. (brand new - opened in November) It's raining and chilly - nothing new for the last six freaking weeks - and we drove down on great directions that we didn't follow properly and got all turned around; and by the time we figured it out it was 4pm and we bagged it. SIGH. Maybe tomorrow.

Lastly - the highlight of my week (considering the week I had, even something lame would be good, but it's not!). I went to Suwanee's photography reception today at the Foster Library and met a fan. Of little old me! What? I know! A fan of my photography & my blog! Talk about humbling - so HI there, K - and all your SAHM friends!! Please do comment sometime, I'd love it! I want to hear what you dig and what you don't - and what you want to read about or see that you aren't. I'm blown away that I've now met two prior strangers (once before at the commissary) who told me they know me because of my blog and photos. And that's to say nothing of the several comments I've received from other people I don't know who found me in a variety of ways.

Wow, minor MINOR celebrity status on Oki, but amazing and encouraging nonetheless! K - we will so get out and take some pictures, I'm down to help you practice and help you with some Elements when you upgrade! So great meeting you!

And a big hello and thanks SO much to anyone & everyone out there for reading and watching the adventures of lil' ol' me and my family - that's just such an added bonus to blogging. It was truly just to keep the friends & family back home aware of what's up out here, and I love doing it and it's taken a really interesting and fun direction now. Big fat warm fuzzies and love to you all.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Monday

The Superbowl happened this morning here in Japan - on Monday, February 4th, kickoff was at 8:20 AM. Fantastic game, and I have to say I'm very proud of Eli & the Giants - they played an incredible game. (Wah wah, poor Patriots - guess what, you still had an undefeated season, and your daggone Sox took the series. Shaddap.)

Most military folks get the day off on Superbowl Monday - wouldn't it just be ridiculous the amount of people who'd take leave? Besides, having to work during the Superbowl is just un-American. The glitch - no commercials. Just the same old AFN PSAs. SUCKS.

Relax, I saw them online - of my favorites were the talking baby thing for E*Trade, Budweiser dalmation training the clydesdale, and Bud Lite wine & cheese party. Will Ferrel for Bud was pretty funny too (as the Semi-Pro guy).

Anyway... I digress. After a morning of breakfast food, coffee & champagne, Craig & I headed to Jusco for lunch and saw the Valentine's Day displays. Apparently the February holiday (in Japan) is for women to give men chocolates and other goodies - there's a separate day in March where the men reciprocate. You can imagine the elation when Craig thought it meant he didn't have to do squat while I showered him with gifts, and the disappointment when he found out he'd only have another month and then it was HIS turn.

There are tons of chocolates available for purchase - some of them really lovely (pink sakura-shaped chocolates, leaves made of green tea white chocolate, etc.). There were also cakes:
Is there really such thing as a "Gugelhupf"?? Anyone...? I certainly never thought I'd see a sachertorte for sale in Japan.

Also humorous (and we noticed this a while back and just forgot to bring our P&S that day) is this sign by the ice-cream-filled-crepe stand. Oh yeah, they are as delicious as they sound....
But I think "Hold it in your hand. Love it in your tummy." - that is just poetry right there. Or it's kinda... well.... my parents read this, people. Use your imagination.