Friday, September 21, 2007


That's the sound a busy bee makes. I'm busier than that. But I wanted to post a few things, so here we go.

Everything is going great, just crazy - WELCOME HOME, JAKE! First order of business is to welcome home our dear bro-in-law/uncle from Iraq after 15 long hard months. Have a fabulous reunion with Courtney, Jake - we can't wait to talk to you and maybe one day plan a visit.

Another week has passed me by, and it was filled with a couple of lunches out, preparing for the kid's birthday and party, soccer practice, rain rain rain, wind wind wind, and lots of taking pictures! I'm so happy to have found my new job and new team - it's all so fresh and fun. It's still hard to imagine I only got here 3 months ago - so much has happened, and I was just thinking how hard and sad it will be when some of these people I've met, who maybe only have another year here or less, leave to go back to the states. That's probably the thing I dread most (besides hours and hours on a plane + jet lag when we visit home), and that says a lot about the caliber of people I've met so far. But enough about that for now.

I find that I not only do I love so many of the funky cars here, but I love the variety of them. A guy who owns a club in American Village here has this classic (shipped here from the states, no doubt) -
And it's funny how many Minis you see out here - I'm quite surprised Craig didn't buy one - I think he might eventually sell his to get one since it's pretty worth it here with his commute.

So this weekend it's Yom Kippur (yes, Jewish High Holidays have been upon us) and it does always render me somewhat reflective. I'm so thankful for all the blessings I've had in the last year - my family's health, my husband returning home in one piece, the opportunity to travel and experience these incredible things, and so much more. Going forward, I hope to enjoy the time we have here in Okinawa and do some traveling in the area. I love taking pictures, and hope that can grow into something fun and fulfilling for me. And I wish happiness, success, and health (not necessarily in that order) to all my loved ones - thank you for your wonderful warm wishes and thoughts!

In the coming weeks - Mia has her 6-year checkup, I finish the training part of things and THE Studio will launch and we'll have REAL clients! YAY! Craig has a very long hump on Mia's actual birthday, so hopefully we can celebrate after that. My dive buddy Scott just made Chief (CONGRATS!) and we can finally make a date to DIVE next week! How I've been jonesing for that. I hope to try more restaurants, make a few more friends, and of course, take more pictures of this fabulous place we get to enjoy for a few more years. Oh - and of course, we'll be watching lots of new fall TV! So far, I'm excited for a few shows, but I'll let you know what's really worth your while. Right now I'm loving Damages, Madmen, and the new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm (Welcome back, Larry!!).

For winter break we're considering a trip to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand or Cambodia. (any votes for one or another? Bear in mind, there IS a kid involved here....) I think mainland Japan will have to wait for summertime because we don't have winter clothes for it! And you know the kid will want to do Tokyo Disneyland - must save up for that one.

Ok - off to sleep. Hugs & loveys.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What a neat site...

Off to do a bunch of errands and stuff before the kid is home - suffice it to say things are very busy but fantastic. Loving my photography gig and those I work with, and enjoying my hubby & kid as well of course.

Check THIS out:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

As I sit here lamenting our pathetic Norv Turner-coached Chargers, I remembered I wanted to share the Mia quote of the weekend.

In case this typhoon came over us and was worse than expected, I hit the local grocery store for milk and some other non-perishable items, to include chips & chocolate. Friday morning when Mia got home on the bus at 10:30am, I explained that in case we were stuck inside we had charged up the Nintendo DS, the portable DVD, and I'd gotten some junk food - NOT to be consumed as soon as we got home. (I had an apple and some pretzels for her morning snack!)

We hung around inside the house, keeping tabs on "Nari" to see if she'd come our way, and at one dark & rainy point around 2:30 pm, Mia came into the living room, hand on hip, head cocked to the side and declared,

"I suppose we could eat some junk food...."