Saturday, December 22, 2007

Heard From the Living Room

I'm on the computer surfing around.

Craig (starting a game of Warhawk on the PS3 with his new rumble controller - that can only be bought in Japan right now): "Ok, Mia - it's not your favorite screen, but you like Archipelago. It's zones."
Mia: "No it's not. It's death match."
Craig: "No... it's zones."
Mia: (no hesitation) "Death match."
Craig: "'re right."
Mia: "I know."
Craig: "How did you know that?"
Mia: "See the little squares up top?"
Craig: "Dang - you're observant."
Mia: "Ok, Daddy - pay attention - you just passed a tow missile."

(WTF is a tow missile? I don't know - some kind of missile you can control - but cutely enough, Mia was calling this a "missile tow" after she learned the term - quite fitting for the season.)

Craig: "Ok - zones is next."
Mia: "Right, and after that is capture the flag...."

Upon finishing the game and getting rid of some enemy, they high five each other and Mia says, "See, Dad? Guns are better than knives." Quote of the year. This is what you get with the daughter of a Marine/Warhawk addict.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Only In Japan

First of all, I'll share the picture from our balcony this morning at 7:45. 10 minutes after Craig opened his eyes and realized he didn't set the alarm to get Mia up for school since he's on leave. So the mad dash to get Mia to the bus stop at 8:05 was.... let's just say interesting. But the sunrise was purty.

Mia has gotten very creative and swirly. This is her new way of writing her name.
I am thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I love to do lettering. And she's seen it before, so I'm all for fostering her amazing creativity!

Now - in the "Only in Japan" category... cell phone charms. Cell phones out here will NOT sell if there isn't a little space to attach a charm. I'm told the reason the iPhone was delayed here was because they had to make them with a place to loop the charm into. I believe it - EVERYONE here has jingly charms hanging from their phone! Well, I am not one to conform, but at the local photo/camera shop in town, they make charms where you can put a picture of your own on the face. There's a kid with a karate outfit, a panda bear - and this. A kimono-clad girl. Perfect for Mia's mug:
She's decked out with a bun, kimono, even little thongs. And you can't tell from the picture, but the face is contoured - the nose actually protrudes out a little bit. (If I had a macro lens, I'd show you - maybe one day soon). Here's the back:
Yeah, I sprang for it - and you know you want one now.

Lastly, Craig summoned me to try a demo driving game he downloaded on the PS3 this morning. It comes out for PS3 in January. I like driving games, and this one is really great. So I sat down and he told me what button did what - and as I began to drive - FAST - he was chuckling.


"Well, I asked you to come try it because I wanted to see if you'd do the same thing," he says, as I swerve into a head-on collision with another car.


"Drive on the left side."

"Oh. Shut up." And try as I might, I was huggin' that left. But I got lots of points for near misses.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OK, OK...

Wow - "Anonymous" is anxious for a new post, and who am I to deprive you, A?

Let's see - much happenings in the Oki hood. Chronologically:

Last Thursday afternoon, the kindergarten classes were to go caroling at the BX (base exchange). Well, it rained. Hard. And so the powers that be changed the morning caroling session to be held at the cafeteria.

Yup, adorable. And the crew left to carol at the classrooms after the performance. The above shot is only Mia's class - there are 8 classes of give or take 25 kids each. Yes - 200 kindergarteners, just at her school! The movie of the songs (very cute) can be found here.

Thursday evening, I had dinner with the most of the amazing ladies of Okinawa Hai!
Such fun - left to right it's Julia, Julie, Kaho, Kelly, Meredith (YAY! My photography sister in arms), Joelle and Kim.
We ate at Mintana, great Italian place. YUM.

Friday evening there was a bingo night benefiting PIE (Partners in Education) at Mia's school. Mia quickly learned how to play bingo, and we all had fun even though we didn't win any prizes.
Here are the kids that were there posing with Santa who made a quick appearance.

Saturday afternoon the 7th Comm Battalion's holiday party was held up at the Palms near Craig's work (where we had our ball). I sure didn't expect pony rides...

As well as 2 bouncies.

Mia's old buddy (and one of a few crushes) Nicholas was there to keep us company (and help her to finish her broccoli so that she could eat one of those treats!).

Again - one busy dude, Santa showed up. Nicholas got back to the table and announced he would never wash his butt again.

Mia had a nice visit.
It was a blast, great food too!

Sunday I attended a cookie exchange party at Erin's house. (Lovely Erin - our photography assistant and party thrower extraordinaire - she was sick as a dog all week and still did it all!) I had to make 150 cookies. Yes. 12 1/2 DOZEN cookies, as did everyone else. Here's the result of 20+ women making 150 cookies: (oh yeah, there are more under the table & in the kitchen...)
My chocolate almond cookies:
Amazing hand-decorated wreaths:

At the end of the party, 4 winners were announced; most festive, tastiest, prettiest, and most adventurous. Though my batch wasn't elected for any of those, we went home with a huge box that looked something like this:since we had to take home at least 8 of each type of cookie! DANG. Yes - my counter looks like a holiday cookie buffet.

This week has been pretty relaxed so far; the Neathery family left for southern Cali on Wednesday morning, so I enjoyed a great last couple of days with Anne and Mia said a goodbye for now to her two local buds. We're feeding their turtles for them and they'll be in LA & San Diego, so we helped with the SD part! Not much going on this weekend besides prepping for Santa & the haps on Tuesday and enjoying time together while Craig's on leave. More soon!