Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Shot A Model!

I was fortunate enough to shoot with Suwanee this past week and have been literally ANGRY every time I have to leave my computer because I'm enjoying getting to play with these shots. The light at this location was delightful and the model - well, you can see. She's just a knockout. Thanks, R - you were so fun to be around and chat with in addition to photographing! And thanks, Suwanee- I can't wait to do it again.

More soon! Off to a soccer game.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Few To Tide Ya' Over

An adorable pair of siblings on Kokusai playing with bubbles.

Cool textured buildings in an alley.

A pineapple photo I played with a bit.

CoCo Curry House - Good smell. Good curry. How true.
More photos on my flickr site, if you're interested.

Purim was last week. Jewish holiday consisting of a bad guy with a 3-cornered hat. Cookies called hamentaschen are made - 3-cornered cookies filled with fruit butter. I had a bit of a cooking party with the kids in the annex kitchen! It was such fun. The kids were a blast.
I'm quite sure I'll have video of this soon, but since acquiring the game Rock Band for the PS3 we have formed a band. Craig on drums, Aviva on guitar, and Mia - a really excellent vocalist. She's getting to know songs by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ramones, Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, and Radiohead to name a few.

Back when she first started getting into the soundtrack of Once (last summer), she would sing "Falling Slowly" at the top of her lungs - the lyrics are:

"Take this sinking boat
and point it home
we've still got time..."

One day I noticed she was singing quite soulfully... "Take this sinking goat and point it home..."

Our band name in Rock Band is now: sinking goat. Coolest. Band. Ever.