Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunabe Telephone Pole - Installment IV

400mm, f7.1, ISO 320, SS 1/640
Processed to look like a Polaroid.

For the Birds

I should say for Ryan & my dad - the bird and bird photo enthusiasts. Ornithologists. Feather brains. Anyway...

My father sent this picture from the snowy yard this morning (hello, Mr. Cardinal!). Nice shot, and no - we don't have cardinals here. Nor snowstorms. Though with being stuck at home, I wouldn't mind if it were snowing!
Here are a few I took at Shuri Castle last weekend, all at 400mm, yeah - you read correctly (as I pore through my photos longing to go out and shoot today):

A duck.

A crane (?):

And a really cute little short & squat birdie I rather like. Perhaps a female rock thrush?

More telephone pole fun later. Any requests?

It poured this morning. And our office window was wide open all night long. Craig walked in to find everything that was sitting underneath the office window soaked through. THANK THE LORD our camera equipment & computer is NOT on that side of the room. And thanks to smart Suwanee & Annya putting their photographs in plastic, they were unharmed. Otherwise we are air drying some receipts and file cabinet items, but mostly it was just a pain in the rear. Now I'm running the dehumidifier too - still feels damp in here, and I don't need mold in wintertime. Or any time for that matter. I guess it will be inspiration to clean house a bit in between working on yearbook stuff and photos.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sunabe Telephone Pole - Installment III

I'm editing what I've narrowed down to about 120 pictures from the 100th day celebration at Mia's school. I got there and there was music blaring and it was like a huge carnival! Bouncies, game booths, lots of parents, and even a visit from a Japanese kindergarten class - the cutest thing EVER. Pictures after I sift through the heap.

For now, a 3rd installment of what's sure to become a big series this weekend - the telephone pole. I was kind of joking when I posted it, but after 2 emails telling me they were looking forwad to the series - who am I to disappoint? This is kind of fun too. (Thanks for the compliment, Katherine! I hope I can give you a few ideas for your pictures..haha!)

Ok, Ernie - here are da boids.

Taken at ISO 400 this morning, 35mm, f3.2, SS 1/80

I used a couple of black & white actions. I have some Kubota actions and Totally Rad Actions (the Boutwells, married photographer couple, are brilliant!) and love them.

Sunabe Telephone Pole - Installment II

Taken at sunrise time, approximately 6:50am.

16mm, f7.1, ISO 400 SS 1/50
Textured, processed, etc.
Ernie - just for you, there ARE some birds on this phone pole if you look closely! (LOVE Pixar) I don't have a fisheye, but I've gotten to play with one. I think I want a macro first (100mm). I have also played with HDR photography a tiny bit (Photomatix) and haven't bought the software yet b/c I'm still recovering from buying the 5D and the lenses to go with it - not to mention Photoshop. But I'm on it (and tone mapping I'm pretty sure you use different ECs, not f-stops, but I could be wrong). I will get an HDR shot up here somehow!

Thanks for the support & compliments, friends! Looking forward to a weekend at home - mostly. I hope it rains.

Off to 100th day of school!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vitz for Sale

My friends, Edith & Trinity, moved here in
October and 3 weeks later their 2-year-old son was diagnosed with
Leukemia. (I blogged about this when it happened.) They were flown to Hawaii immediately to start treatment.

Trinity is here for a week right now to work with TMO and get checked
out. (nice timing) He has a car to sell, and is desperate to do so super quickly. If you live on Okinawa and have interest in a car or know someone who might, read on....

It's a 2002 Toyota Vitz, 4-door, kind of a greenish-silver color. It
has a GPS and is pretty loaded up and in fantastic shape. He bought it
for $4500 and is selling it for $2500 to dump it QUICK. If anyone is
interested or needs more details, please comment on this post and it will show up in my email - I can put you in touch with him. Thanks, local peoples!


Oh yeah, dawg - we get Idol here. And I'm stoked. The top 24 is better as a whole than any I've seen. Last night's guys' performance was grand.

Bottom 2, if America has ANY clue: Luke - so much of an Orlando Bloom look-alike that even Mia said, "He looks like the Pirates of the Caribbean guy!" Cute, but bad song and bad performance. Garrett: Leif Garrett (WHAT? I had no idea his first name was his doppleganger's LAST Name!?) lookalike (or Frampton, as he stated) picked a good song but didn't sing it well. He's much too green for this show. Bye bye gaunt one.

Quote of the night was by Mia after Aussie Michael Johns performed "Light My Fire":

The girls will love him, and the boys will think he rocks.

Couldn't have put it better myself, kid. And 17-year-old David WILL be a star, he was my favorite, and another one in the top 3 (with aforementioned Michael) is Jason Castro, dreadlock mon. What a cutie pie! I wonder if they'll try to make him cut off his dreads at some point. Stunning face and unique style - and great song choice.

I'm also loving this fans vs. favorites Survivor (which I thought had jumped the shark already), Californication (HELLO, Showtime, you ROCK - what a show!), the current and last season of the Wire, Friday Night Lights, and the Terminator series. What's on your viewing list?

On a final note, Apple TV - which we have and has saved us from many decent-tv-free AFN sucky nights - finally updated their software. We can rent HD movies, buy TV shows for pretty much nothing, and look at our flickr account on our 55" tv. Yay Apple!! We did also bring our TiVo - which DOES work here, so if you're coming over and you have one of your own (not the borrowed cable version thing) - bring it!

Sunabe Telephone Pole - Installment I

Thursday afternoon, 1pm, February 21, 2008:
Slightly cross-processed and otherwise messed-with in Photoshop® telephone pole taken at f1.4, 50mm, 160ISO.

100th Day of School

The kindergarten kids at Bob Hope Primary School count the days of school until they get to 100. Tomorrow (Friday, February 22nd) is the 100th day of kindergarten. There will be a huge party, a parade, snacks, candy, music, dancing, strippers, booze, and possibly illicit drugs - but I doubt it because we are on a military base, and they do drug tests.

We were tasked with making a shirt with 100 items on it. (Notice I don't say "MIA" was tasked because we all know that in kindergarten it's really Mommy homework.) After less than enthusiastic thoughts of buying Sharpies and drawing 100 whatevers on a shirt, Craig had a fantastic idea. We bought iron-on transfer paper for our computer printer and I could put 100 pictures of anything on a document and print it off and iron it on! Well, Bob Hope is the home of the Pandas, so, I give you the 100-panda 100th day shirt (there are 50 on the front and 50 on the back):
The kid is going to FLIP when she sees it tonight!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Latest

I have lots of great pictures... we visited Shuri Castle this weekend, and we also enjoyed another sunny day today. However, there are some Marines who screw up huge.

Then we have a long payday weekend, and some Marines think that other Marines' screw-ups and the reprimands they've gotten at work all week long aren't enough to stop them from doing stupid things.

So now we know that starting tomorrow morning, we will be on lock-down (basically allowed to go to work and school and home, nowhere out in town), indefinitely.

More on this as we hear about it. Get ready for a fantastic photo series on the telephone pole outside my home.