Thursday, June 25, 2009

Macau Engrish

My favorite sign on my Hong Kong/Macau journey was at Fernando's in Macau. After quite a bit of wine and sangria, I headed to the bathroom. I went back for my camera to take this photo of the sign on the back of the door.

Apparently incoherent people are common in the bathroom in Macau. Makes sense.

And a quick shot that I've posted on Facebook already of Mia in the pouring rain with the sunset behind her. Typical Okinawa summer. The sunsets are killer once again - but a little more rain would make them even better!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Photography

I started this personal blog just before moving to Okinawa two years ago. It served me well.

Now I have a professional photography business, so I have a blog there too. Understandably a separate place for my photography. I also use Facebook and flickr.

So - a little poll....

I can't upload photos to four different places, that's just ridiculous. I barely have time to play with my personal/travel/art photography AS it is, let alone post it to 4+ different sites!

Where should I post those types of photos? Pick one, maximum of two sites please. Comment away or email me.

To satisfy you.... a couple from our Father's Day trip to Onna and north.

A quick stop by the big pigs and bull on the side of 58 in Yomitan.

Which also yielded the answer to the "who's the big papa pig?" question. Yeesh!

Some amazingly bright flowers.
And a gorgeous cape. (Manza-mo: Cape Manza) - see the little teeny people on the cliff? For scale of course.
I love this one of Mia. Even though she's wearing her HS Musical watch from the prize machine at the bowling alley. Yeesh.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm Back. I Think.

HI THERE. Is anyone still here? Anyone? Bueller? (crickets chirping....)

I am. Still here that is. And Craig misses my blogging. So for him, I'm going to make a valiant effort to do more personal blogging this summer. (And hopefully for one or two of YOU, readers.)

First up - a video of something pretty dern cool. From the children's museum next to the Okinawa Zoo. VIDEO.....

And for Mia & Staci (Mia's BEST friend in 1st grade, who just moved back to the states) it was a last day to hang out together. It was super fun for me too, Tiffany!

The girls playing in the costume room...

little chair


giant donut & tea next to giant chairall the kids in the giant chair
learning about air pressure
Mia & Staci's last great hug :(

and all the kids on the koala bears at the zoo entrance.

Amazing father's day shots soon - we took a road trip. It's hot. Super hot. But we're hoping to hit Hawaii this summer via Space A. Cross your fingers! We're dying to go. I've missed this! Back soon....