Monday, July 2, 2007

Going dark

Moving day - we have power & a telephone today & tomorrow, but no Internet connection until Friday. So posts will be unreliable at best (have to bring the laptop on base to a hot-spot).

I'll miss you all for a while! Have a great week!


Anastasia said...

Hi, Aviva!

I guess you'll get this when you get it. It's almost 11:00 PM July 3rd, and everyone's asleep, even the dogs, so I'm stealing a few minutes to write.

I had no idea about your blog until I got to catch up on e-mail tonight and saw your e-mail from the 25th. I also didn't get your Kodak link to your new home pix? Anyway, great way to keep in very 21st century, ha ha!

I think you know that Chris went to Okinawa for work for a week, but I believe she was there before you guys...or something like that? She told me about the heat and humidity...and I could just feel the mosquitos crawling on me by your description...yikes! Anyway, I haven't been to Chris' house to visit K.C. yet...way too much going on right now (and too much to write about). Chris and I have exchanged a few updates on her...did you know K.C. got to go to Mammoth for vacation along with the turtles? ;) ...but Chris and I have not gotten to spend a lot of "quality time" with her travel and my travel and her leave haven't gotten caught up there, either. Does your apartment permit cats, and if so, are you going to send for K.C.?

It's been very warm here...we FINALLY got a summer, but of course it's beautiful, since it's San Diego.

Have not had a Starbucks breakfast sandwich since our going-away meeting, but have craved it occasionally. ;)

Took Seger and Grissom up to my parents' house a few weeks ago, and they went swimming at the country club pool. As Mr. Mike put it, Seger's "made the turn" and now "gets" the whole idea behind swimming so they're concentrating on "shark arms" and going to "big boy island" (or something like that). Grissom remains FEARLESS...lets himself off a "bench" into water way deep...and just swims himself back over, and does it again. I think he's going to give me a heart attack, but he acts like a little's amazing.

I don't know if I told you, but I applied for ONR's I MEF Science Advisor position, and didn't get it. I'm REALLY bummed because, as you know, I love the Marines, but maybe it's just as well right now because of Seger starting kindergarten in September: He'll be going to a Spanish immersion public school near Mision Bay, so I'll be his carpool since it's to / from my work and home...and that would have been tough from Camp Pendleton!

Okay, that's a long-enough comment, but glad to catch up, and I'll keep checking well as e-mailing pertinent stuff (and, yes, I deleted your @mac e-mail address).

Take care...use lots of sunblock and bug spray, and keep us informed!!!

Hugs from Sandy Eggo....

Rodrigo said...

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