Monday, September 17, 2007

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

As I sit here lamenting our pathetic Norv Turner-coached Chargers, I remembered I wanted to share the Mia quote of the weekend.

In case this typhoon came over us and was worse than expected, I hit the local grocery store for milk and some other non-perishable items, to include chips & chocolate. Friday morning when Mia got home on the bus at 10:30am, I explained that in case we were stuck inside we had charged up the Nintendo DS, the portable DVD, and I'd gotten some junk food - NOT to be consumed as soon as we got home. (I had an apple and some pretzels for her morning snack!)

We hung around inside the house, keeping tabs on "Nari" to see if she'd come our way, and at one dark & rainy point around 2:30 pm, Mia came into the living room, hand on hip, head cocked to the side and declared,

"I suppose we could eat some junk food...."

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Aine said...

Hi Aviva

I just love your blog, but you wouldn't know that because I've hardly written. That's because until now I didn't realize that it's not necessary to have an identity - and I was totally clueless about how to go about creating one. Duh! Anyway, I think you should write a book about living in Okinawa - really - with LOTS of pictures!