Thursday, October 4, 2007

Look What Logan Found

I went diving about 10 days ago with Scott, my Navy dive buddy dude. He just became Chief at the ceremony a few days before our dive. He showed up with the gear he rented for us, and produced a net bag with rocks in it. He had several in there, about 8 of them, and they were painted to look like navy uniforms in black pants and blue shirts with the little insignia on them to denote rank. This was a project he had to do in Chief's school, and they represented a division of sailors. He had to make up records and all kinds of info for each one of them. He decided that on our dive he was going to place them in a circle somewhere on the ocean floor.

Cool, I'm all for an interesting ceremony with some meaning. We headed out to the sea wall for our dive. The tide was still high, but on its way out soon.

It's very cumbersome and awkward to walk with an air tank on your back and a mask and fins in your hands as you navigate the bumpy coral and eroded concrete steps. It didn't take long for Scott to get frustrated because he was also carrying a bag of rocks. About 15 feet out, he was over it and said, "Ok, I can't carry all this, I'm placing them right here." We went on to have a fantastic dive and enjoyed ourselves very much.

This past weekend after my photo shoot, I saw the Neathery family hanging out on their driveway. I needed to hose off my shoes and they were out there hosing off their gear after a snorkel. Anne (mom) was holding baby Knyte Lukas:

(had to show you that - he's gorgeous) and the other 3 kids and dad were cleaning up after a snorkeling trip. Anne says, "Look what Logan found, check this out..."

Logan (fellow kindergartener of Mia's and all-around sweetie-pie) walks over and opens his hand to reveal a blue & black painted rock.

I start laughing hysterically. Anne isn't really sure why, but says, "I know! Isn't that a hoot! I wonder what that is... that's just so funny, he was just swimming around out there and swam down to get it." I'm still laughing and she still doesn't know why.

Through the tears I explain the story of the previous week's dive and Scott's inability to realize that when the tide was LOW, some kid might discover his little division of sailors down there. Logan only found one - but I think he might be looking for more now. Maybe he'll bring the poor guy home to be with his buddies. But I think he's probably happy to have found a home with the Neathery boys.

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