Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Daughter, Top Chef Judge

Craig & I love the show Top Chef. We were watching the latest season in the states before coming here, and when we figured out how to get it on iTunes, we did and we got to watch the rest. It's Bravo, so they bleep the 4-letter words the chefs say when they mangle or burn themselves or get into debates about whether to use squab or sea urchin. Mia ended up watching the show with us on occasion and making yummy sounds with me even though she wouldn't ever TOUCH most of the things they made.

This morning at breakfast she sat down and said, "Mama - serve me my breakfast like I'm a judge on Top Chef."

I snickered. "Ok."

Her choice today was Rice Kripsies (That is not a typo, she still says "kripsies" so I do too, and it's totally cute and no I will NOT be correcting her and she might not get a date with a boy because of it but what the heck is wrong with that anyway? I mean Craig & I figure if we don't tell her it's wrong to make body noises and talk about poop, she'll never get a date and we won't have to worry much about her in her teen years.) and I grabbed the bowl, a spoon, and the soy milk.

"Today we have a fresh serving of Rice Kripsies with a soy milk reduction which I will serve to you tableside." (She's sitting up straight and looking at me - DEAD serious - with her hands folded in her lap - listening intently.) I pour the milk in. "If you listen carefully during your meal, the Kripsies will talk to you. Enjoy your meal."

"Thank you, Chef Mommy," again, said in all seriousness. I walked behind the kitchen counter, and watched her lean over for a moment and put her ear to the bowl. She gave an impressed little nod, and delicately took the spoon off the table and dipped it into the bowl. She opened her mouth and ate the bite, chewing several times and nodding with a smirk. I looked at her as if to say, "so???" and she gave me a nod of approval and a big thumb's up. I love working on a local cooking show for a living.

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Edith said...

My 18 year old sister says "Amidals"...for ANIMALS..no one ever corrected her either. It's one of the funniest things I've ever heard to date. Say it...AMIDALS.