Saturday, December 22, 2007

Heard From the Living Room

I'm on the computer surfing around.

Craig (starting a game of Warhawk on the PS3 with his new rumble controller - that can only be bought in Japan right now): "Ok, Mia - it's not your favorite screen, but you like Archipelago. It's zones."
Mia: "No it's not. It's death match."
Craig: "No... it's zones."
Mia: (no hesitation) "Death match."
Craig: "'re right."
Mia: "I know."
Craig: "How did you know that?"
Mia: "See the little squares up top?"
Craig: "Dang - you're observant."
Mia: "Ok, Daddy - pay attention - you just passed a tow missile."

(WTF is a tow missile? I don't know - some kind of missile you can control - but cutely enough, Mia was calling this a "missile tow" after she learned the term - quite fitting for the season.)

Craig: "Ok - zones is next."
Mia: "Right, and after that is capture the flag...."

Upon finishing the game and getting rid of some enemy, they high five each other and Mia says, "See, Dad? Guns are better than knives." Quote of the year. This is what you get with the daughter of a Marine/Warhawk addict.

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