Monday, December 3, 2007

Okinawan Sledding

As Anne & I perused the Camp Lester gift shop a couple of weekends ago, Derek & the kids discovered a nearby hill. There were 2 boys there with pieces of cardboard, and as I came over to where they were playing, it came clear that the kids were having one heck of a time.

Derek said, "I'm not responsible for grass stains or anything like that!" and he quickly coined it "Okinawan Sledding". I just know I threw away the pants she wore that day because there were rips in the seat from all the sledding. No biggie, they were from Target & didn't owe us a thing. And her fun was well worth it!

I give you Nicholas, Mia & Logan:

They ran back up the hill so many times I was exhausted watching them. It was nearly dark out when we left - and if it weren't for the grown-ups whining about being hungry, they would've stayed!

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Edith said...

I'll take grass over snow and mud anyday!