Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rain & Food

It was a lovely day. And as I got up from the computer to get ready to pick up the kid at the bus stop, I heard something. RAIN, and wind, and RAIN. So before heading out, I opened the screen door and shot this from there - I couldn't get the camera wet. So it's down through the railing bars on my balcony. Somehow this doesn't depict just how hard it's really raining here right now. Let's just say our jackets & pants are hanging over the shower curtain rod to dry.

70mm, f2.8, ISO 100, SS 1/200
Side note - the "PoR" (Period of Reflection) will continue and will be reassessed on March 3rd. I figured. Here's a tidbit I saw in Japan Update today though - way to go, out-in-town-restaurant people!

Local restaurant fires up the food, delivery services to bases
The lockdown on military bases has some GI’s and family members salivating for some off-base cuisine, and an innovative restaurant owner has stepped up with a delivery service to quench those desires.
Sauce Live Restaurant, popular with those who have a yearning for spicy foods, is now offering delivery service from noon to midnight each day. The service isn’t being offered island-wide, but is available to central bases. The minimum order is dinner for two, the restaurant says, and delivery fees do apply.
Orders can be placed noon to 6.p.m. by calling 090-3954-7833, and to 098-936-0204 from 6 p.m. to midnight. Sauce Live Restaurant says each delivery order will include a free bottle of Sauce Live original hot sauce courtesy of Sauceman.

Thanks, Sauceman!!

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