Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Monday

The Superbowl happened this morning here in Japan - on Monday, February 4th, kickoff was at 8:20 AM. Fantastic game, and I have to say I'm very proud of Eli & the Giants - they played an incredible game. (Wah wah, poor Patriots - guess what, you still had an undefeated season, and your daggone Sox took the series. Shaddap.)

Most military folks get the day off on Superbowl Monday - wouldn't it just be ridiculous the amount of people who'd take leave? Besides, having to work during the Superbowl is just un-American. The glitch - no commercials. Just the same old AFN PSAs. SUCKS.

Relax, I saw them online - of my favorites were the talking baby thing for E*Trade, Budweiser dalmation training the clydesdale, and Bud Lite wine & cheese party. Will Ferrel for Bud was pretty funny too (as the Semi-Pro guy).

Anyway... I digress. After a morning of breakfast food, coffee & champagne, Craig & I headed to Jusco for lunch and saw the Valentine's Day displays. Apparently the February holiday (in Japan) is for women to give men chocolates and other goodies - there's a separate day in March where the men reciprocate. You can imagine the elation when Craig thought it meant he didn't have to do squat while I showered him with gifts, and the disappointment when he found out he'd only have another month and then it was HIS turn.

There are tons of chocolates available for purchase - some of them really lovely (pink sakura-shaped chocolates, leaves made of green tea white chocolate, etc.). There were also cakes:
Is there really such thing as a "Gugelhupf"?? Anyone...? I certainly never thought I'd see a sachertorte for sale in Japan.

Also humorous (and we noticed this a while back and just forgot to bring our P&S that day) is this sign by the ice-cream-filled-crepe stand. Oh yeah, they are as delicious as they sound....
But I think "Hold it in your hand. Love it in your tummy." - that is just poetry right there. Or it's kinda... well.... my parents read this, people. Use your imagination.

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