Friday, May 30, 2008


Reasons I haven't posted in 10 days:

- Some PCSing friends have asked me to do photo shoots and I've obliged.
- Some very nice people here compliment me on my photography and want to pay me to do it; so I'm in the process of making that happen. (Starting a business is time consuming; ok, cat's out of the bag. More about this REALLY soon - suffice it to say right now I'm buried in test prints, merchant info and website building!)
- My very nice friend and former employer, Serena, had asked me to second shoot with her for a fini flight (which is an Air Force pilot's final flight before either retiring or just retiring from flying - which was the case for Dawg). What an amazing honor this was and I'm so happy she asked and I did it - because it was quite an experience! First day of the ceremony was his flight alone (well, with his crew and fellow pilots). Here are a few from that day... which was, um. Rainy.

This was actually after he returned, a shot with a fisheye from the back of the F-15. That machine is just amazing! Most don't get to be on the flightline like this unless they're pilots or family of pilots... so this was extra exciting!

This was him taxiing toward me. This was taken out the back doors of a panel van because it was raining so hard my gear would've been as soaked as I already was at this point. MAN was it pouring!

This was a shot of Dawg (aka Barry) during his pre-flight check. Serena said this was her favorite that I shot, and I really have to agree. He's looking at that plane as if to say, "I'm going to miss you." Um yeah - how cute is he by the way? TOTALLY. His whole family is gorgeous.
Here he is going by me giving the "hang loose" sign. Sweet! Yes. Still. Raining.
Formation flying overhead... incredible.
Ok - more of those from the 2nd day (Change of Command) when I have 'em. And have time to edit 'em!
- There are 2 more weeks of school. TWO MORE WEEKS, and then I have a kid at my hip for the summer. Not like I can send her off to full-day camp here, I'll be trekking her to swim lessons, t-ball, piano, snorkeling, etc. Which is fun & great, but I am definitely trying to enjoy the last days of having my daytimes to do ME stuff.
- There is a group here called OIWC (Okinawa International Women's Club). I have been asked to be on the board as their historian. (really great for me because we are very involved in the Okinawa community, culture, and charities)
- I've also been taking pictures for my own personal fun. Haven't even GOTTEN to those lately! I can't wait though ... SOON.

I miss you, readers and friends! More soon. Off to bed. I miss my hubby too.


Edith said...

Yay Go Aviva!..I'd like to book my session sometime in the next 4 years..maybe on the west coast.
What's your calendar look like then?
and Yay for Mia..1st grade is going to rock!

Ex Oki said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful goodness! What beautiful photographs, Aviva!! You are such an artist! All the best to you, Robin

Anonymous said...

[clapping wildly] AWESOME job! I love the one of the plane taxiing with you in the back of the van. Love it. I'm excited that things are taking off for you, you deserve it and will do well... and I'm going to pick your brain endlessly until I leave this island...and then you still probably won't be rid of me...

Ernie Santa Ana said...

Those are amazing shots! The fisheye lens is something I really adore, especially when used by a pro...