Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Are We Here?

Well, not here, like Okinawa - but here like in existence? MOMS! That's why!
On the left, that's my mom, aka Grammy to one pint-sized bottom-toothless wonder. (and also to my adorable nephew, Ben) Mom & Dad drove out to Ohio in April when we were there for my father-in-law's funeral. I was lucky enough to spend some time with her (and my dad) and Mia was gloriously happy to share her reading skills and her loose teeth and giggles with her Grammy.

As any mom will tell you, women don't fully understand what it is to be a mother until we become one. It's a crazy thing, but it's also so amazing how suddenly you appreciate all that woman did for you EVEN more - exponentially more. (And we all know I don't only mean childbirth or diapers...) So thanks, Mom. Especially for mac & cheese when I was sick, carting me around everywhere when I couldn't drive, putting up with my sassy mouth (oh yeah- THAT is coming back to me in spades with my kid), always being there to cry on, and for letting me be me - actually for encouraging me to be me most times - even if you were holding on to those strings a bit. I know why you did. And Craig thanks you too because without you there wouldn't have been one heck of an awesome wedding, which you planned pretty much single-handedly, and you've been there for us for so many things in so many ways. Never enough thanks, mother's day should be every day.

Aine - Craig's mom (pictured on the right) is the dynamo who raised 3 children, Craig being the oldest. She worked to support them during most of their childhood, and I'm amazed at what she was able to do. Craig remembers amazing holidays (she is one fantastic cook), and times when any other woman would've broken raising him and his 16-month-younger brother. (This I could not imagine.) He has so much love and respect for his mom helping him become the man he is today, and because he's my hubby I thank you and love you as well. You raised 3 incredible kids who I'm lucky to call family. Ya done good, Mom!

We love you! Hope you had an incredible day.

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Ernie Santa Ana said...

Happy Mom's Day to you too, Aviva!