Monday, May 19, 2008

Would That I Could Have My Daughter's Life

I know... "Would that I could..." that's a real expression, right? It doesn't seem like it's current. Possibly some kind of Shakespearean quote, but there it is. I AM JEALOUS OF MY KID.

She snorkels.
She swims.
She runs amok with not one, but TWO boyfriends.
She spends 100¥ coins happily after losing teeth and buys toys that are worth oh so much more than 100¥ of fun.
She takes a Cessna flight around the island.
(insert at least 50 more things here that anyone would be jealous of)
She paints shiisa (at a recent trip to Murasaki Mura):

(She's smiling like her new shiisa in this one - since her mouth is shut, she's a girl shiisa - I know, didn't make sense to me either - but something about holding on to the good spirits and not letting go.)
She goes to the beach with said boyfriends....
Oh that? Around her neck? Yeah - that's a life jacket. Because after this, she went TUBING BEHIND THE NEATHERYS' JET SKI.

Yeah. Exactly. Next time I'm donning my suit & such and going with 'em. She was SO excited when she got in, but after the experience she wasn't thrilled about it - I hadn't taken into account the amount of salt water spray, and we'll need to remember some goggles next time. She was scared of going fast because of that. She rode back in with Derek on the jet ski, and that seemed better - though loud & fast. She'll get used to it. And promptly become addicted.

I have lots of amazing shots from Kadena Marina that day, but this one of the kids is just awesome. She's one lucky kid. For so many reasons.
SOOOOOOoooo many pictures I'm going through to share with you. But I'm also working on a project. A big one. More info soon. But the hint is that all this equipment and effort might actually end up working for me here soon. We shall see. Another thanks to all the supportive and willing participants in front of my camera!


Anonymous said...

Watch out all I have to say... those boys will be knockin' the doors down in about 10 years... shall I lease you my house-o-testosterone for the dating years?

Seriously though. She's gorgeous. The pics are great and she's going to love having her memories captured in the years to come... OK. Enough sentimental crap from me.

Later mama...

E said...

I want her life now too.. she is too cute.

Edith said...

heck...i'm jealous of mia...i had a tape walkman when I turned 12 and thought i was the shiz

Ernie Santa Ana said... be a kid again. A very famous Tai Chi master once said that the key to developing great physical and mental power is to "be like a child." Ever get tired just watching kids run around and play for hours? They only get tired when you ask them, "Aren't you guys tired yet?" Then they think for a second, which plants the seed, and then they want juice and hotdogs. And that just gives them more fuel to go at it again...