Saturday, July 5, 2008


(This post has been ready for 3 days - but I wanted Craig to approve it so that OPSEC wouldn't get mad at me. Well, he approved.)

We had a great time at the Kadena Air Base AmericaFest! A few from the day (with my point & shoot, so don't go getting all critical. I left the good camera at home. Yes, I was twitching and drooling and heavily made fun of by Kassia and Katherine, fellow photogs I saw there who had their SLRs. But admittedly it felt good to leave it behind and not add another layer of sweat to the camera strap.

The festival was on the flight line, so we drove down the runway to get there. Maybe I'm a big dork, but I thought that was rather cool.
Oh yeah, baby. The Marines were there. (Just look for the old banged-up, I mean - WELL-USED planes and helicopters, and those are Marine planes & helicopters!)

Cool cover for one of the engines.

My golden kid & hubby sitting in the back end of a C-130

Big propeller.

Mia with her best Red Baron face:

One of the Japanese fighter planes:
Mia & I chillin' in the rescue helicopter. Note the killer sky - the colors were beautiful!
Again...hello, sky!

How 'bout those Marines?

Last one - still trying out the seats in the planes - not that exciting. At least not compared to carnival games and fireworks.

Fireworks were good but not fabulous. But we had a great time with lots of friends. Happy 4th to everyone in the states! We're off to the Torii Beach Jazz & Wine Festival tonight; I can't believe when we were there last year we were SO new here!


Liza said...

hey aviva!

yes i'm finally here! and i love it so far!

so i knew we couldnt use the fireworks on base. does that mean we cant use them off base either? we got some sparklers for about $3, but its a pack of like 20!

i wanted to go to America Fest, but, we were busy shopping and running around. plus i wasn't in the mood to be baking in the sun! i can only stand the 2 minute heat when i go from the car to indoors! haha!

Ernie Santa Ana said...

Happy belated 4th! Excellent pics regardless which lens the light went through...It's all about the eye that aimed it.