Friday, July 25, 2008

Spottings In Hawaii In the Small World Category

So the Turner family moved to Hawaii. As you may know. I'm in touch with Kanoe of course via email as my plan is to go visit. Definitely. More than one family to visit (HI, Edith!)

I got an email from Kanoe yesterday. The house they're renting in Hawaii? It belongs to my neighbor Maggie's aunt.

Kanoe headed to the landlady's house to pay the rent and Maggie happens to be there visiting with Chuck (her hubby) and her two daughters and spotted Ella and recognized her from my photos!

Craig and I about died when we got that email. The world keeps shrinking.

In other news - I'm busy! DUH.

Mia is loving t-ball and swimming, and is also playing piano begrudgingly. I hope she starts getting it soon, I'm tired of being the bad guy when I say, "Time to practice!"

This weekend is full with not one but TWO photo shoots and I can't wait! More to come on that on my photography blog (which I WILL update soon, promise!).

I went snorkeling yesterday with Anne and had such an amazing time we're bringing the kids today! (Wonderful Derek took the kids ALL FIVE OF THEM to t-ball practice, so we had a couple of hours to go play..... oh it was heaven!) Today we'll take their camera that we can use underwater and hopefully I can hook you up with some local snorkeling scenery. Let's just say there were plenty of moorish idols, parrot fish, tangs, clown fish, butterfly fish, wrasses, giant clams, and triggers to name a few. And the coral.... wow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aviva, thanks for your comment on my blog :o)
I was randomly clicking through Wordpressw when I came across the blog of the Reedy Family. I loved the photography, and then looked through the linked blogs on there and found the rest of you! You're all very skilled so I love to check your blogs to see what new photos you put up!
As you mentioned; I can be very honest in my blog, sometimes I think too honest! But I'll worry about that another day :o) And I do indeed still live in England. One day I'll move...!
Hope you're well. Best, Jessicka.

Nathan & Catherine said...

You are just amazing!! Sooo busy and still so full of life!! I would love to see pics of our ocean here (sooo afraid of sharks!!) HA!