Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Of First Grade

Well, today was the first day of first grade for Mia. She handled it with the independence and general sassiness we expect from her. No, she did NOT need me to drive her to school on the first day because she will take the bus - and she PROMISES to tell me ALL about it, so don't worry. Ok then.

A quick flashback to one year ago. On the left, first day of kindergarten. On the right, well - darned near adulthood.

A much larger and more weighed-down backpack, that's for sure - REAL school supplies. We read and write now. And no more of that extra underwear business (though I still feel I must TELL her to pee when she's dancing).

I picked her up from the bus stop and was eager to hear about her day. She was sitting next to a very nice new girl on the bus (new to Okinawa, anyway) and they seemed to have had a lovely ride home. The bus was quite late, but I would imagine most kids had no clue which bus they belonged on at the end of their first day.

We walked home and I grilled her, and she gave up some good info; she had a Japanese class, and will be having that class once a week. She had reading time, and NO naptime, and recess on a NEW playground with SWINGS and many of her friends from last year.They read a book about the first day of school, and something about toads and lizards, and she's at seat #2 and she handed me her folder that contained a pretty extensive homework calendar among other things.

We were walking in the door and after talking about her day she said, "There was a lot of work. All day was work work work. Even in our free time we have to read or write! I like kindergarten."

Did you hear that? That creak.... the door to REAL SCHOOL has now been opened. Welcome to the world, Mia. It isn't all naptime and playing dress-up. But Mama's here for you - we can still do that stuff at home.


Ernie Santa Ana said...

I remember first grade at Millington Elementary School in Tennesee. At mid-morning break, the cafeteria ladies pushed a cart into our classroom and served either plain or chocolate milk in those half-pint cardboard boxes. When they left, those nylon service uniforms they wore made that "wick-wick-wick" noise as they walked. I'd laugh every time. BTW, when cows laugh, does milk come out of their noses?

Athena said...

Aww, sweet post. The kids have Japanese class here too. Hope she's enjoying First Grade :)