Friday, August 8, 2008

Hi. I LIVE Here.

First... tonight's lovely rainbow. This is a lousy shot of it - when we got in the car it was the brightest most amazing rainbow I've ever seen. Mia asked what made rainbows... I explained to her about the water droplets and the sun, but realized I should have just said, "It's magic, baby."

Recently I went to Sesoko Island with some girls... It's about an hour & 20 minute drive north, and the whole drive was just so beautiful - I knew it wouldn't disappoint. It WAS hot as blazes out there....and this was taken from the parking spot.

Somehow when you look at THIS:
heat isn't such a huge factor. Besides, my feet were in the water. That felt pretty good (though if it weren't for my camera, I'd have jumped in).

We were walking, and this guy showed up with an octopus ("tako") on a hook! It was still alive, and all of us got to walk up and feel what it was like to have little tentacles suck onto your fingers (it feels rather strange, but very interesting). I like this portrait very much.

On the way back, Anne stopped the van just one more time so I could snap this:
Oh yes - we will be back. In swim suits. With snorkel gear.

This is Mia with her friend (fellow only child and smarty-pants), Grace.

They were swim buds last session, and still will be buddies past the swim class thing as I will be in touch with Grace's mom. Her dad leaves for a YEAR in Afghanistan, and I think we need to be doing girl things together like tea parties and such. Especially since Grace's mom is from England. And I very much enjoy listening to her speak with that crumpets and rubbish accent.

My kid. How did she end up being this cute big girl?
She now swims in the deep end, treads water, "pencil dives" to touch the bottom, and is learning the butterfly stroke, side stroke, and breast stroke. Soon she'll be driving. (NOT)

We love it here. We've been busy, but enjoying our craziness. Friends are leaving, that's not a part we love. But I'm thrilled to have made them and I know we'll see each other very soon. As I live in a time warp on this little island.

Have I mentioned... I'm starting a business? With ITS OWN BLOG too? Yeah. That's insane! I'm excited and petrified all in the same breath. I'm realizing this tiny island grows smaller in the photog community. At Mia's swim lessons I've been speaking to Tara (who is a complete character and I can see that friendship working out very nicely) - and now to other folks who are recognizing me! My 15 minutes has started, everyone! Set your clocks, I hope it can last!


Lewellen Family said...

We saw that same beautiful rainbow on our way to Ginowan this afternoon. I punked out and gave the 'magic' answer until the kids started begging to go find the pot o' gold.

Katherine said...

Hey, I LIVE there too! Isn't it fabulous. A paid 4 year vacation, courtesy of the military!

Ernie Santa Ana said...

Beautiful shorelines and nice update on your biz site. You've added Flash. If you coded it yourself from CS3, you're so clever! I'm useless with stuff like that. I'm using going to use a template whenever I get around to doing my site.

Nathan & Catherine said...

These pics are BEAUTIFUL!! I wanna go too!!! ;) Mia, I am sooooo PROUD of you!! We have to go to the pool again soon!! ;)

Nathan & Catherine said...

These pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! I wanna go there too!!!!! Mia, I am soooo PROUD of you!! Hopefully we will go to the pool again soon!! ;)

Edith said...

I don't live there... :(
and..I know Mia can swim better than me :(

The Howes Family said...

Was that not the funniest thing with your fans on Friday! Hilarious.

Sumeba Miyako said...

That rusty guardrail is gorg. You turn the ordinary into the extraodinary, vivs.

Kimberly said...

hey I live there too but I don't think the water looks so blue - at least not when I see it - how'd you get it to look like that???