Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Construction Worker

Just THINK how much money we'd save if we stopped paying that one guy to wave traffic by. If we just made these guys:
His right arm swings back and forth with a light on the end so that from a little way back you can see there's a lane closure ahead. I'd bet his arm never gets tired!

Thanks to Val for the photograph; I was driving.


E said...

awesome.... I see thre seem to be no workers in site either kind of like here.

Ernie, Chief Lab Rat said...

I saw a bunch of those the last time I was passing through Nago.

Blake and Hollie said...

Each time I see one I keep thinking I have to take a picture. They come up with the neatest inventions. We may think they look silly sometimes, but it totally makes sense especially when road workers have a high risk job! I am sure they don't pay this guy extra for his job :) Safety first. I was driving by a construction site and I saw about 50 workers doing warm-up exercises before they started for the day. I don't think I have ever seen 50 construction workers doing "windmills" or "cherry-pickers" before getting on a scaffold in the US. I love it here!