Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Out In Town

Went out in town today to look at apartments. 1 of the 4 was pretty good - we'll see. If they don't offer the broadband Internet there, we won't take it, but we're finding out. It's really small, but very new and clean and has an incredible view, and many shops & things to do in walking distance.

Here are a few shots of the area outside Camp Foster where we're staying at the moment. They had these really cute little cups of Haagen Dazs at the convenience store (think Japanese 7-Eleven) and even some take-out sushi and noodle bowls, curry-flavored Pringles, and a ton of iced teas & coffees. Pretty neat, but NOTHING was in English in there except the American products. I also got a shot of Mia next to a billboard for "Sam's Cafe", an American-style restaurant outside the base gate.

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