Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ya Snooze, Ya Lose

Well - we're in mourning. We decided to take the first place we saw, and as we were filling out the paperwork the agent called and said it was gone. Poof. Just like that. I'm trying so hard to be fatalistic about the whole thing; wasn't meant to be, was really too small for us, etc. But the fact is I'm highly disappointed. It was the only one we saw that we both really loved - we'd learn to live in a smaller place. Alas, it's gone.

We DID, however, agree to purchase a car today - a Toyota Vitz. A little tiny itty bitty coupe for Craig to commute to work in. Pictures to come after we pick it up on Monday morning. Then it's off to visit more housing. We bargained the guy down a bit and got a good deal on it too. Oh! And we got a cell phone too. Now we can go out in town and call people when we need to! What a concept. (Well, on the island - we're not using this sucker to call internationally, however, you can call US as long as it isn't between 9pm and 1am our time. I guess that's peak time out here!

Damnit, I'm just tired. I do NOT want to give in and live in ticky tacky base housing - but now I am realizing what a long commute Craig will have and feeling selfish about wanting to live in a more cool downtown area - and of course, every other place we saw in that area isn't quite right for some reason or another. I'm tired as HELL of living in a hotel with my kid sleeping on the floor and not able to do much in the evenings except quiet things b/c she's sleeping. Ok - it's a blog, not a bitch session, I realize. Sorry.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we're going to have dinner with a coworker of Craig's and his wife & son. Maybe we'll see what the base housing looks like on Courtney too - though I'm sure I'll be disappointed (great attitude, I know).

We went to Blue Seal tonight, which is a local ice cream shop.
Cute, eh? They sell a bunch of flavors (including mango tango and sanfrancisco- mintchip) and also pasta and seafood! Just the combo you were looking for, I know. It really was delicious ice cream - I'll let you know when I'm ready for potato flavor (not kidding).

STARBUCKS! This isn't the only one, but it's the only one we've visited thus far. The drive thru is interesting because we drive on the opposite side, so it's all very strange. I actually took this picture from the passenger seat in the car at a stoplight. They have other kinds of frappucinos, lots of good desserts and scones, but it's quite different. It's very neat & nice inside, and even the trash here is well-organized (if I haven't mentioned, we'll need a whole class in separating trash here - completely mind-bogglingly complicated).

That little yellow & green thing on the car up there? That signifies a new driver (driving for up to 1 year only) - and there's another one on the front of his/her car too. And an orange & yellow teardrop-shaped one of those means a senior driver. Hi - what congressperson do I need to write to get these going in the US?? Awesome.

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Tania said...

damn they really do have signs on your cars! i was just joking earlier haha that is pretty cool though :) sorry to hear about your apartment what a bummer but you are correct wasnt meant to be :) something better awaits you, just be patient i got high hopes for you and crossing fingers <3