Friday, June 15, 2007

We Have Arrived!

Ok - this is weird - I wish I could show you, but since we're in Japan now - a lot of the text that's supposed to appear on this page isn't there- just empty squares. So bear with me.

First weirdo thing - driving on the left - I seriously almost smacked Rich when he made a right turn because he pulled around on the far side and I figured right into oncoming traffic.

Also - I am just waiting for the jet lag. Poor Mia literally walked into the glass doors of our lodge when we came in b/c she was so tired. We will be hitting the wall very soon.

Mia was INCREDIBLY good on the trip here, so many hours on a plane - we got compliments on her behavior. We're lucky in that respect, and it made this whole thing much easier.

So we're in our room - we've put away our clothing in the drawers & closet provided. It's like a small efficiency apartment, but it'll do for the few weeks until we find a place. Rich was telling us that it kind of sucks because since the Military's pay is public knowledge, the rental people know exactly how much you can spend and eek every dime out of you. But whatever- it's good to know someone who's already here and can advise us on matters like this. He's already been an amazing help.

Ok, we just ordered food from (get this) Macaroni Grill which is down the block from where we are! HA! Just want a hot meal and we're trying to stay up as late as we can. I'm going to jump in the shower and wash off the plane ickies and the humidity sweat. (tomorrow- party cloudy & 88 degrees.... guaranteed humid) Good night!

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