Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Earthquake & Flying Pigs

Because so many asked, no, we didn't feel so much as a tremor yesterday morning during the 6.8 that hit northwestern Japan. Geography lesson: Tokyo (which was 160 miles from the epicenter, and yes - did feel it) is slightly closer to us than Dallas to San Diego. No - we won't feel an earthquake that far away. But thanks for your concern.

On the other hand, there IS something pretty earth-shaking going on in the Bowman home. Click here for video proof!

In other news, we stepped through water up to our calves today to get into the car - we had so much rain this morning, in the states it probably would've been a flash flood. Here's a shot of Mia in the back seat after we ran about 20 feet from the youth center to the car without an umbrella.

No - it wasn't 5 in the morning, and no, the windows aren't tinted - it REALLY gets that dark when storms come. And unlike the east coast summer storms- you can't just "wait it out", this constant downpour lasted from 7:40am until about 11am. It is kind of fun - I still like downpours! Just not having to be somewhere when they're happening. And having the right shoes, which today I did not.

And let me tell you, if my kid doesn't have the time of her life on this island, then it's her OWN darn fault- she's signed up for ballet, a 3-day gymnastics camp (and on a waiting list for the weekly class), soccer (which starts in September), and Saturday I'm signing her up for swim lessons. AND we bought her a snorkel set and beach shoes (hard soles for the coral) so we can snorkel together. I wonder which activity she'll love best! And I wonder how on earth I'm going to do all this when she's in kindergarten from 8-3 every day this fall!

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