Friday, July 20, 2007

Our First Beach Trip

We've been here a month and I haven't taken my poor kid to the beach! So off we went today, to Araha Beach - not far, about a 7-minute drive. Weekdays are very quiet there, so it was lovely - but so hot. You really had to get into the water. Mia didn't seem to care though...especially when she saw this:
Pirate ship play structure - very cool. With a super fun zip line.
She didn't seem to care about the heat one bit, just going back & forth on this zip line over and over again. Only stopping to drink water. Amazing. I was we finally went into the water:
Beautiful - and as you can see, quite empty. The blue rope has nets so no jellyfish & stuff get in, so all the families go there with little kids. Mia made like 10 friends while we were there. Very nice. It was a great time, now we're home doing laundry and such.

Here's an interesting find:
It's rather strange, but I was tempted to try it. I don't think we'll buy it again, but figured I'd share it with you.

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