Friday, July 27, 2007


I had the best pedicure of my life today- and I now know why all the American women on this island talk about Cocok. I made appointments for Mia and me, and we arrived at noon. They sat us down, and gave us a binder full of nail design pictures. Seriously - as many pages as a magazine. They had separate nails painted with designs for kids (to include butterflies, Spongebob, an ice cream cone, etc.), and for everyone else (including kids if they wanted) they had everything from seasonal pictures to every color shape & size flower imaginable - and more than that. Amazing. I had a 20-minute foot & calf massage, Mia had one too - she really loved it. Here she is with her feet in the pink water, but when she was done she hopped back up in the comfy recliner to get her massage & painted toes. These women are artists - they can do ANYTHING on your toes.

Mia picked glitter pink with dark pink hearts with wings on them. First - have a laugh at how much her toes look like mine (oh yeah, I'm subjecting you to my toes below...), and then realize that the woman painted these hearts with wings on EVERY tiny toenail - She didn't screw up either!

I went a bit more unusual with a cool flowing design I saw. Next time maybe just some nice hibiscus flowers or something, but hey - first time there, what the heck?
So - it's not a once a week thing, too expensive, but yes, I will definitely treat myself to this once in a while! Totally worth the splurge.


danala said...

i love the nails! so creative. great that you are scuba diving. leave it to you to always find fun even in japan! met my friend naamas mom the other day. she shares your name. that was cool! hope leah is in her own bed this evening. miss you. love to all. danala

danala said...

mia! sorry about the brain freeze. spent the whole weekend with adams friend LEAH!