Sunday, July 22, 2007


I laid eyes on some of the most beautiful water and beaches I've ever seen in my life yesterday. And I am more than excited to get scuba certified so that I can dive into that pristine water I saw. And I want to leave here knowing I've seen every inch of it I could.

However, the heat...oh the heat! It's the most uncomfortable time of year here, and it's a very conflicting feeling to want to see all these gorgeous places - but from within an air conditioned bubble! 90 degrees with a heat index of about 107.... thanks to that humidity. The smiles you see in this picture were for the second it took to push the button - after that we went back to OHMYGODGETMEINTHEAIRCONDITIONING wince faces. We would've had more pictures of the places in between, but I wasn't willing to get out of the car. This heat will remain until about September, I'm told - then we're in for a treat - it cools off - and we're still here!

This is Craig & Mia on the rocks overlooking Cape Zanpa. It's stunning out here, I'm told the cliffs are about 90'. And you can see the bottom of the ocean when you look down, as deep as it is, because the water is so clear.

There's a lighthouse on Cape Zanpa - we saw it, we thought it was very pretty, and we did NOT climb the stairs to the top of it in the heat. Maybe on a cool day some other time. The fact that Mia & I were in flip-flops didn't help either.

People actually fought here - in this heat? Oy. I'd lay down my weapon and share some ice water with the enemy....

I know, right?

Another shot of the man & his kid - if you look at these pictures (the larger versions when you click on them) and you see brown dots, that's not dust on the lens - those are dragonflies. They're everywhere.

We left Cape Zanpa and drove further north along the coast, and then we stopped at a shop that looked interesting. Well, it was - they sold everything from necklaces & knick knacks to sweets and booze (and you can TASTE the booze before you buy! - oh, and the sweets too). Awesome store, we loved it.

There were steps in the back of the shop, and when you got to the bottom there was a gem of a beach - clear beautiful water and even a starfish!We got some ice cream at the Blue Seal counter in the shop and walked down with it - can you believe this water???
The rest of the kick-butt photos are uploading now - I'll put a link here as soon as they're done.

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