Monday, September 3, 2007

Fun Evening at American Village

We've been enjoying the new camera this weekend. Here are some highlights from yesterday. (full album of the princess pictures & the pictures from American Village can be found here.)

Craig snapped this one after I told her to jump in the air. I like it in black & white - and I don't really care that her head is cut off, it's interesting. Good job, honey.

Mia sitting by a little koi pond in front of a restaurant. I snapped this.

The wood boardwalk-esque boards by the shops make for a full background since they're so huge.
The ferris wheel - in Japanese, "kan-dan-cha" (one of the first words we learned, so we call this one kandancha in conversations all the time!) - it wasn't to hot, so we got on after I snapped this. It's REALLLY SLOOOWWWW - took 15 minutes to go once around. But the view is cool - it was fun! Pictures from above are in the Kodak album.

After dinner I shot this. The lights change & rotate, it's pretty fun.

On that big wood panel area this Japanese pop band, thirstyroad, was playing in the evening. (sounded like nice Disney music or Phil Collins in Japanese) Mia was entranced - she sat in front of them and swayed & clapped with the locals. During the break, Craig gave her 500¥ for a single, and she walked with me and bought it, thanking them in Japanese, "Arigato gozai mas!" They signed it for her, then posed for this shot. How cute!
Side note - I didn't take a picture in the dark of night, but while Mia watched thirstyroad, there were these Japanese guys rolling around on what I thought were skateboards. But they weren't - they were square skateboards, about 8"x8" square, with 2 skateboard wheels on the bottom of them. And they were GOOD! I saw an American go over there and try it, it definitely wasn't that easy. I had a hard time Googling it, but found them finally. They're called "Freeline Skates" - here's a site and it has video of people using them. Has this hit California yet? I'd never seen them, but I am by NO means into the skating scene. (really not cool, I know...)

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