Thursday, September 6, 2007

Zakimi Castle Ruins

At several locations on the island, there are castles and castle ruins. After visiting Zakimi, a smaller and less exciting one than others, by the way - we're definitely going to hit all of them! What a beautiful (hot) place, Mia even got into the photog game because we gave her a camera to play with! (You will see in the photos.)

Just lovely - and about 15 minutes from our house, so when the weather breaks, we'll go back and explore further.

All of the photos are here.

Here are some of the goodies.

Uh oh - someone has caught the shutter bug. She's so cute, when she takes a picture, she looks at it on the screen and says, "oh yeah - that's a good one!"
Headed toward the entrance:

I like this one, you just see her looking out from the shadow.
It's no perfect macro shot, but this butterfly was SO pretty and was fluttering so fast - I'm happy I even got a decent shot.

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danala said...

great pictures. mia always looks so beautiful!