Saturday, September 29, 2007

OK, OK...

This family across the street from us must be moving soon. Both of the cars in their driveway are for sale. This guy obviously has the nads to put a sign on his car with different prices according to your military rank.

So if you're an O-4 (Major) or greater, you have to pay $12K for the car. E-7 to O-3 (Gunnery Sergeant to Captain) you're paying $11K, and E-6 or below (Staff Sergeant or lower enlisted) you pay $10K. Really, this is comical - I'm sure those of you who understood it laughed at it. We passed it on the way back from dinner last night and laughed pretty hard. Serious nads.

And Ryan - you don't check your Yahoo! mail so please send me your work email so I have a way to write you? Glad you got the package. 

Last night I honestly went to watch some newly downloaded TV (season premier of The Office and ER) so I uploaded those pictures and forgot to write about Logan - so I did caption the 2 pictures of Mia and her friend below.

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danala said...

love the old cars! mia looks so pretty. whose the little boyfriend? by the way, got myself a springsteen tickeat at the garden. let's just say i will be close enought to taste his sweat!can't wait to see him in the flesh again! glad you are all well. love you danala