Thursday, September 27, 2007

Picture Perfect

Today is picture day at school for our almost-6-year-old kid. At dinner after soccer practice last night, her dad said, "When we get home, after your shower, we're going to pick out what clothes you're wearing for your pictures tomorrow, ok?"
"Yeah - so that we don't argue about it in the morning."

She had her yearly physical yesterday, which wasn't really all that because we'd just done a lot of it for her school immunizations and her sports physical to play soccer. She's 47.3 lbs and 45 3/4" tall. Doing great in every way, and told the doctor that she "eats broccoli now" and that in school she's "learning to listen well". Gotta love it.

Here she is mugging for me before she went to school:

We might put her in an Aikido class we just heard about. Craig insists it's time she start training to fight the boys off. I can't say I disagree.

In other news- I had a FANTASTIC dive yesterday with my original dive buddy, Scott. He was nice enough to rent gear for us ($15 for tank, BCD, regulator & weights) and we easily had more than $15 worth of FUN. Among other things, we saw a moray eel, a cuttlefish (seriously one of the COOLEST things I've ever seen, we followed it for 10 minutes), lots of sea snakes (yeah, I kept my distance), a very friendly clown fish that was playing around Scott's hand (and another that was peeking in and out of the anemone below), several puffer fish, and tons of other tropical goodies in every color of the rainbow on a beautiful great visibility dive just a 5-minute swim from the sea wall at the end of my street.

Another one of my favorite things out there is the christmas tree worm:
They come in every bright color you can think of, and when you swim up and reach to touch them, they suck down into the coral really quickly. For a video of this, if you care, click here.

I'm off to continue my busy week!

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Hi Aviva, this is Shannan, I spoke with you at the commissary a few weeks ago, I am sure you dont remember...I love reading your blog and looking at your amazing pics! I added you on flickr also. Our blog is

I posted waaaay back here so maybe noone else will read this and want to see my pitiful blog..