Monday, October 29, 2007

Hour Shmour II...

Bear with me, I'm an idiot - I screwed up and did the time change in the wrong direction & a week too early - see below - new chart.

There's no daylight savings time change in Okinawa. I thought maybe I'd show how much fun this math will be - as of next weekend we are 14 hours apart and from the west coast we'll be 17 hours apart.

You know - in case you wanted to call our Vonage phone.... or something like that. Maybe. One day. For kicks. To hear our voices or whatever.

Courtney had asked for a chart a while ago, and I thought this would help more people, so here it is:

In other news, one of our new quests is to visit all the incredible playgrounds (specifically insanely large and cool roller slides) on the island - there are 91 parks on this island, and we'd like to visit at least most of them if we can. Here are some shots from Tonbaru Park yesterday - where everyone, including Craig, Casey and me, enjoyed CRUISING down this monstrous slide. I do apologize, we brought the long lens and couldn't get the whole insane slide in 1 picture. I promise not to do that again.

The kids bring cardboard pieces for under their rear ends. This is smart for 2 reasons- the rollers are bumpy (can you say owowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!?) and the friction heats up the rear to a point of pain. This did NOT, however, deter Brice and Mia from climbing the stairs and netting over and over to come back down countless times. Very fun. And yes, my tush is sore today. The Japanese children at the park squatted and went down on their flip-flopped feet! That was hilarious to watch. And those tiny bodies REALLY picked up speed.

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