Thursday, December 27, 2007

New 'Do & Thanks, Edith!

Well - we cut more of the kid's hair. It's now in a mod bob - now mind you, she slept on it, but you'll get the idea. Somehow I couldn't capture the cuteness & movement of it today, but it's just adorable, and Mia loves it so much it seems her personality has decided to follow the sassy little 'do.

So about a week ago, I received a gift in the mail for Mia, and was so delighted to see it was an ETSY gift for her from Edith! A hand-made apron, for smaller people. With a great note saying if she was going to be a Top Chef, she'd need the garb. THANKS, Edith - she loves it and wears it around the house now. Here's the kiddo showing off the new cut and the apron with some gear in hand.

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Edith said...

oH yAY! I LOOOOOOVE her makes her look soo seven!
Very Audrey.