Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cookies & Photography

Goodness - the mind reels. So many fabulous things swirling in my head these days - at least it's all good!

First of all, I'm happy to report I got the project for my old job finished, that went smoothly.

I've also decided to share with you that I've been shooting with a new camera. Did anyone notice by the pictures? Craig (after admitting he never should've bought the 40D - NOT because it's a bad camera, it's a WORTHY update to the 20D & 30D for sure, and worth every penny fantabulous DSLR - I just was ready for a full-frame camera) oh so generously gave me a 5D for a belated Christmas present. He then quickly and efficiently sold the 40D and the lenses that would no longer work with the 5D on

So... now I'm a spoiled brat who is falling even more in love with taking pictures. If that's possible. Though we have had a string of bad luck with one lens (the first one had a crack, as reported in a previous post - version #2 came and the second time I used it the aperture locked up closed! GRRR. So I'm waiting for lens #3!), I'm enjoying my 16-35 and my 85mm and 50mm primes. and of course my 70-200.

Yesterday Mia had a day off from school and we spent the afternoon with Sena (mom of 2 sweetheart who lives a block away and used to live in San Diego with her hubby) and her kids, Aidan and Alani. She's the aforementioned pastry chef (actually culinary genius in general, and one of the sweetest people you'd ever wish to meet). She had made some gingerbread hearts for the girls to decorate in anticipation of the big V-day. Aidan accompanied the artistic efforts with his rousing renditions of "The Star Wars Theme" and "Little Drummer Boy".

In the early evening, Craig and Tony (Sena's hubby) joined us for a meal prepared by Sena. (I hosted last time and made fish tacos - very authentic, honestly only missing Rubio's salsa - alas, they do not ship.) Sena made an amazing spinach salad, followed by a fabulous Thai soup (I cannot remember the name of it, nor would I spell it right - but it had coconut milk, lemongrass, veggies, rice, and just the right amount of spice. Delectable. Lastly she made an amazing beef stir fry (and showed me some wok tricks so that I don't end up boiling meat and veggies in the future - SO helpful), which was served with rice & lettuce wraps. Wow, heavenly meal! And a great time was had by all - kids included.

Today I went on base to a craft fair of sorts. I knew that Annya_Okinawa and Suwanee Lennon would be there showing and selling their photos. It's like our own local photographic celebrities were here to TALK to and everything! Well, I'm thrilled to say Craig & Mia & I headed over there around 11:30 and bought a few prints and chatted it up with them. Not only were they so sweet, modest, inviting, and did I mention sweet & modest... they asked if I wanted to come shoot with them sometime! Are. You. Kidding. Sadly for moi, Suwanee is leaving in a few months to go to Spokane (her hubby's next duty station) - though she should be excited, it's 4 hours from Seattle and in general a great area to live. Lucky for moi, Annya will be here for 2 more years, and though she lives across the island, she and I would both drive to find the photography & have some fun. DARE I DREAM - they also travel to take photos, and Craig said he'd make it happen if I wanted to island hop for the love of the photo hunt! Can you just imagine - "here are pictures from my long weekend in Thailand... or Cambodia... or...." oh my gosh so many wonderful thoughts flooding my head!

So that was my happy fabulous day. DO check out Annya & Suwanee's talents if you're interested, they're amazing. Happy happy joy joy!

Tomorrow we're waking up a bit early to check out the cherry blossoms. PLEASE say a "no rain" prayer!

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