Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sox? NO! Socks. And Bagels.

Craig's Indians lost to the Sox in the ALCS yesterday - and though this isn't to celebrate the Red Sox's win, it's kind of a strange coincidence.

This week is the pledge not to do drugs week at Mia's school; each day has some fun activity - so today was "sock it to drugs", wear a crazy pair of socks day. I dug up a funny pair from last year's Halloween costume.
Tomorrow is "turn your back on drugs" day - backwards shirts.

In other news, I'm supremely lucky to live near a professional baker - she makes & decorates kick-butt cakes for occasions, and she also loves to bake breads, etc. We had a conversation or two about bagels at the bus stop recently, and how much I miss them and realize I'll never have a decent one on Okinawa - and today she showed up with a foil-covered plate. Hm.

Inside were little hockey-puck-sized bundles of heaven! SHE MADE BAGELS! A quick shmear of the cream cheese she put on the plate and my eyes rolled back in my head with the first bite. She then handed me a bag containing two. She said, "I need to bake them a bit longer, and figure out how to get the hole to stay open, but I think for a first effort they're ok - what do you think?"

I think it's Jew porn, that's what I think:
I'm going to tie her up and keep her in my kitchen. And if anyone else thinks they're getting some, well - they're nuts. THEY'RE ALL MINE.

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Aine Donovan said...


finally am getting around to reading the blog once again. Here's what I think you should do: write travel/tourist/restaurant/etc books. (Have I said that before?) You are just such a joy to read and the pictures are excellent!

Miss you all a lot but this sure helps!

Love to you all