Monday, January 28, 2008

Flickr Fiend

I've become a bit of a hound recently. I started uploading there, and now folks can check out my stuff, and I can check out their stuff - and if you are a member (FREE) and an acknowledged friend or family member of mine in flickr, you can order prints of my stuff too.

So I've foregone all other viewing & print sites (uploading all these pictures was getting to be a pain - so no more Kodak, Shutterfly, .mac) and will be uploading the creme-de-la-creme to my flickr page. Find it HERE or search aviva.bowman on Even if you just wanna poke around what we've been doing. Family-related stuff (birthday gatherings, holiday pictures, etc.) I will still put on Kodak Gallery for folks to get prints.

IF you order prints on flickr and find them not to be great quality, or have a bunch of trouble, I will reconsider this. So keep me posted.

I'll still post some good ones here, sometimes from the point & shoot camera or sometimes pictures I don't post on flickr because they're not exactly show-worthy. Like these for example.... here is a "tree" made out of plants. I think it was for New Year's because the origami birds symbolize health and success for the future.

I know - blurry drive-by photo taking. But I love the Grateful Dead shirts here - totally Japanified. Should really read "Jerry Garcia is Everwhere" b/c it's copyrighted 10 years after his death....

Mia waiting for our food to come in a restaurant that has a double-decker BUS. We're sitting on the first floor of the double-decker here. Pretty neat.

Another drive-by photo - but this was on the road to Nago yesterday with the point & shoot (PS). I know, I cut off part of Nemo #2 there, but hi - how cute, lovey-dovey flower-covered Nemo & Nemo-ette!

We stopped by the pineapple park because it was on the way back anyway. Outside of the market, there's a guy who makes & sells these balancing dragonflies, they're made out of wood & painted really pretty. Here is the sweet man loading up each of Mia's fingers with dragonflies. (See the BIG one on her index finger?)

After he removed a couple from the kid, Craig got in on the fun.
This is the one we bought - he insisted she test it out.
More soon!

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