Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Sea Wall

Ok - I know. Busy week, ok? These are from Friday late afternoon. SO many more to post from the really fun weekend we've had. Here's Mia with her pink Christmas present.

Sunset Friday night.
Down here so many people have air fresheners on their cars. It's so nice, they all are so scent-conscious. But even little old ladies and people you figure have no idea what these are have this air freshener hanging from the rear view. Whoa, what I want to know is, are you kind?

The kid is addicted to this small camera. Mostly she takes video with running commentary and then watches it and laughs her butt off. I would've done the same as a kid, imagine having this instead of a cassette tape recorder?!

Here's the face she made while we were trying to get her to smile by saying, "Do you miss your boyfriend, Logan?"

Walking toward some more adventures.
I love two grown men blowing bubbles. Right above the Bubble Box dive shop.

My beauty.

My beauty & my honey.

I love this one.

Another dive shop around the corner from our house.
Pineapple Park and Ufuya Restaurant pictures to come... off to wake Mia for her first day back at school!

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Edith said...

o no..goin bak 2 skool suks!