Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Show Me Your Pocky Sticks

Nice! Kenny joined in on the fun....

Well, new year's eve came & went - it was fun, even though I drank a bit too much and passed out at 11 - whoops! But I'm fine, and we enjoyed ourselves. As we live in the land of the rising sun, it was 2008 at least 14 hours earlier than the US, 17 hours earlier than the west coast. That was strange. Especially bad is that Craig went back to work today and since it's the first in the US he misses all the bowl games! However he WILL take leave for the championship game which is on Tuesday morning for us.

In other news - I had sent out some holiday pictures to my friends & family, and they included this one:

Subsequently, I received this from Les:

So if the Pocky Gallery is beginning - bring it on, people! Hope your new year's was fantastic. Here's to a happy, healthy, and fantastic 2008!

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