Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Fam

I have a bunch of fun pictures from the weekend, we went to Kokusai Street in Naha and to Comprehensive Park too. Though I have some interesting "stuff" pictures, I also have some family shots - this post is about that. I know you've gotten to know our crazy kid through this blog, here are a few more shots of her, one of Craig and (gasp!) even myself in some of these for a change.

Here I am with Mia, ready to enjoy a gorgeous day.

Loving my 20 chins in this one... but whatever. I think I got the pose right.

These phone booths are too cool... and I love that bright green color of the phone!

Craig bought a Pepsi from a street vendor because "Pepsi from a glass bottle tastes better" - not sure I disagree, it's pretty darn good.

After Kokusai Street we went to Comprehensive Park where Mia played on this crazy jungle gym.

The kids love it.

And then the ever popular tire swing.

As the sun was setting it was low tide and we snapped a couple by the tide pools.

More pictures in the next day or two.


Ernie Santa Ana said...

I miss Kokusai-dori! You can buy really yummy andagi at the corner of Kokusai-dori and Heiwa-dori.

Cute pose with Ultra-Man. Did you follow the instructions on the hand written sign by his feet? It reads: Abunai Ultra-Man ni no bachinaide kudasai. (I think...the sign is sorta out of view at the bottom right.) Translates: Warning! Please do not hit Ultra-Man.

If I'm not mistaken, the public green phones are capable of international calls.

Never been to a "comprehensive" park. As a kid, I've played at "broken swing" park and "under construction" park. Sorry...getting silly, again.

Street vender Pepsi? Behind Craig, across the street, is an all you can eat (and drink) Jimmy's. I miss that place, too. Better than Hometown Buffet any day.

Gosh...I gotta get myself over there before I go ape. A real vacation, though. Last two trips was for martial arts training. It'd be nice to be able to wander.

aviva5271 said...

I had no idea those delicious Okinawan donuts were called andagi! Thank you. Futatsu andagi o kudasai! Yeah, they're amazing there - we got some at that covered mall kind of place.

Thanks for translating the Ultra-Man sign - when you get out here for that vacation, we'll want to hang with you, my friend. We can show you some new places we've found, and you can show us the ones you remember.

I've been dying to try Jimmy's but didn't even know what it was. There's one down the 58 from us too, we're headed there soon now that I got a vouch from you... awesome.

MLH said...

Great pictures! My co-workers tell me that Jimmy's is a quasi Denny's equivalent. Have you been to the bakery behind the Jimmy's on 58 yet?!? I believe it is called "Fashion Candy". Really fun, local goodies.