Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heard This Morning

Mia's at the table eating cereal. Craig was still here because he had to stop on a closer base before going to work.

"Mia's hair looks like Bon Jovi's hair first thing in the morning." (It kinda does... now that it's shorter, it actually sticks up in the morning after she's slept on it.)

I grabbed a little water spray bottle to fix it, and Mia pouts and whines. "Mooooooooommmmmm! I don't like it when you wet my hair to do that. Because then I go to school, and my friends all say, 'Eeeeeewww, you got all naked and took a shower!'"

I'm laughing and she's crying at this point.

"Mia, just tell them 'eeeeww... you don't shower?' and they'll be quiet." Although I'm pretty sure she made that up anyway because her hair will be dry by the time she gets on the bus. Just another excuse to complain. Sometimes the arguments are just ....creative.

1 comment:

Ernie Santa Ana said...

I just dunk my head into a bucket of water. Spray bottles aggrevate my carpal tunnel :o(