Sunday, April 13, 2008

home. sleep. wiggle.

After over 24 hours of travel time we are back in Okinawa. Long trip. More soon - even pictures, but suffice it to say I'm happy to have my bed again. Even though thanks to jet lag I'm already out of bed since 6:30am.

Mia has 2 loose teeth - the bottom middle ones. She's very excited about this and blames the apple she ate one morning for loosening them. I will have to figure out how to get her hands out of her mouth on a regular basis now. And what the tooth fairy gives up these days...


ukreal1 said...

Welcome back, oh jet lagged one!
I am old school - the tooth fairy that visits Oliveras' home gives up between 25c and a dollar (in quarters). April lost another tooth last week with the help of an apple too. She got 200Y and was amazed that the tooth fairy gave her Yen, but then exclaimed "well, we are in Japan, I suppose")!

E said...

awwww.. loose tooths are fun.. the kids get do excited.. teehee..

Glad you are all home safe and sound.

Ernie Santa Ana said...

Poor ting iz 'tarthin do looz all her teefus!

Glad to hear your all back safe.

Edith said...

I'm glad you guys had a safe trip back....and be sure she doesn't swallow it when it finally comes out!

Ernie Santa Ana said...

Hi Aviva,

Sorry to get back so late. To answer your karate class question, check out this school which I believe is close to your place:

Mr. Shigeru TAKAMIYAGI Sensei, Hanshi 9 Dan
Address: 627-2 Kamaseido, Chatan, Okinawa 904-01

I'm not 100% sure if they have a children's class, but I'd try this dojo first. Nothing on base?