Monday, April 7, 2008

Nee Poo

We were walking in historic Zoar Village in Ohio with Mia, Craig, my brother-in-law Ridge, and his girlfriend Jaime. Mia is a great reader now. She takes every opportunity to practice her new skill and shows off as well. As we were walking down the main street of the tiny town on a gorgeous spring day, Mia proclaimed:

"That sign says NEE POO!"

We were in the middle of a conversation, so the others didn't really hear her or give it much thought, but I was thinking to myself... nee poo? How on earth would she mispronounce something that would end up sounding like that. Nee poo. Neh po. No. Doesn't make sense. She said it again, which prompted me to turn around, and I saw one of these.
We were still walking up to it from behind when she read the flag as that bright sun shined right on through.

The word "nee poo" has now been inducted into the Bowman vernacular. And we may have to test her for dyslexia.


Ernie Santa Ana said...

That's just absolutely precious. Could the wind have blown the flag in the other direction, and she just read the opaque backwards print? Some bargain flags are printed with only one side.

E said...

ahhh.. sweet story.. Hope everything is going well for you all.. as well as can be expected.

My thoughts continue to be with you all.