Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Haven't Mentioned How Lucky I Am.

When we entered this adventure that is our 3 years in Okinawa, I knew I'd be in for some cultural education, definitely new sights, sounds, foods, and people, but I have to say I'm consistently surprised. I didn't ever dream of meeting the incredibly smart, fun, talented, and amazing people that I've been meeting.

We're all sort of in the same boat here - either military families or State Department or whatever - somehow put here by America or our choice to educate the Americans who are here. It's a strange sort of existence - just about everyone is only here temporarily. This spring and summer, I'm going to lose some of the friends I've made - they're going to head back to the states, or on to their next duty station wherever that may be. It's a sad part of the way it is, and we all know it.

But that being said, with the Internet, email, blogs, websites, Vonage - BLESS VONAGE!!! - etc., we'll all be in touch. If we want to be. I've gotten into photography quite a bit since I've been here, as all of you that read this little blog know. The support, comments, encouragement - they have had a profound effect on me.

At the commissary a few months ago, someone called me by name and told me she loved my photographs - and I had never met her before! She knew someone whose family I'd shot, and had subsequently followed my blog. Whether I've made these friends through my photography (like Suwanee or Annya) or through the blogosphere (like e or Ernie or Pam or even more people who are on their way to Oki and found me before they came!), or just by fate (you know who you are - Mere, Anne, Jen, Katherine, Ebeth, Casey, Sena, too many to NAME I must say...) - I thank you. I deeply appreciate your amazing words and encouragement and I really feel so incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to do what I'm doing. Even if I am horrible about emailing back - realize that if I could take the time to sit down for coffee once a week with all of you - I WOULD!

Lots of amazing things are to come in my life. I can't wait to hold your hand through my journey... thank you for joining me!


Anonymous said...

Amen. Amen. AMEN! It's such a challenge sometimes finding people you connect lucky are we who have been able to find those people that inspire us, make us laugh, nurture us, hold our hands, listen to our rants, and so much more.

So yay for blogs. Yay for photography classes. And BIG YAYs for coffee...especially coffee on Friday...and (so sorry) coffee with no baby b/c mommy needs to pretend she's not a spit-up rag for just a few hours :)

Lata' mama...


Lewellen Family said...

Crazy chick in the commissary here.....I still love looking at your pictures and reading your stories. You aren't only an awesome photographer, but a great narrator. I feel as if I have I have been with you on many of your adventures. Keep up the AWESOME work.

Ernie Santa Ana said...

Aww shucks! [blushes and averts eyes.] Until I get myself back to Okinawa, you're my eyes and ears on the ground.

E said...

Hey I tagged you check out my blog for more info.