Monday, April 21, 2008

Neglectful. Again.

No excuse. None. Except that I have lots of plans and not much time to just play with the camera - and things are happening, but not really in a bloggish sort of way.... quite. Here's what I have for you. A couple more Ohio pictures - yet more to come, for those who care.

Left: Terri (old old friend of Craig's and his brother Ridge's). Middle: my father, eyeballing Terri's Muffaletta sandwich at Crave restaurant in Akron, Ohio. Right: Valerie - Terri's wife. Who I guarantee has taken better pictures.
Ridge (Craig's brother) leaning up against that awesome old Ford up on the hill by the farm. I think this is a great shot. Though I do rather wish I'd had him take off the sunglasses.

Uncle Ridgie with Mia, in the Ford.
A REALLY cool shot of Craig & Ridge leaning on some kind of farm equipment. And yes, the moment he reads this he'll remind me what this thingamabobber is called, but I'm a city girl and I don't need to remember that sort of thing. I just know the picture makes them both look pretty darned cool.

I just love this picture of Mom with her sons... that's Aine, my mom-in-law, beautiful inside & out. Not sure how I got lucky enough to get TWO amazing moms (and grandmoms) in this life, but I did. And Craig & Ridge really love their mom too, if you can't tell.
Ok - that's it for sharing today.... talk to you soon!


Ernie Santa Ana said...

Great upbeat pictures. I think that "thingamabobber" is technically a "doohickey." And whomever coded the Flash for Crave's website is awesome. It hooked me for a long minute before I noticed I was just staring at the welcome page. I'm sure their food measures up, too. Staying busy is good, so don't stress.

E said...

These are awesome pics.. not sure what that piece of farm equipment is.. but thingamabobber or doohicky work fine for me.. these are all awesome.. Hope all is well.